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Taitung, Taiwan Travel

  • 2016-January-21
  • Explore Taitung, Experience A Different Taiwan!!
  • taitung
    Taitung is called the last pure land on earth. Because of sustainable development, Taitung maintains the lush natural idyll of the tropics. Palms sway in the breeze. The ocean rolling softly ashore. And, the people in Taitung reflect that beauty: down-to-earth, kind and enthusiastic. When you are in Taitung you’ll feel warm and at ease. Treated just like family. Here are three recommendations for your special travelling experience in Taitung.
  • I.The town of Roselle-Sapulju!
  • sapulju
    The Sapulju tribe is located in Xinxing Village, Jinfeng Township, Taitung. Residents are mostly Paiwan. In the Paiwan language “Sapulju” means “a lonely and isolated land”. However, you will feel warm and satisfied visiting Sapulju because of the friendly people.

    One of specialty in Jinfeng Township is the exotic plant Roselle, which is used to make delicious preserves and dried fruit. According to the Director of Development of Xinxing Village, Jinfeng Township Mr. Wang Da-Long, the Roselle harvest is October and November each year. In Sapulju, you’ll even be able to make your own Roselle preserves! Roselle is widely known for its ability to keep people looking young and health. And, all the ingredfients are all fresh from the harvest! In addition to the preserves and dried fruit, handmade pink Roselle millet wine which as a sweet-and-sour taste is popular among local women.

    Xinxing Village, Jinfeng Township
    Add:No.1, Neighbourhood 1, Xinxing Village, Jinfeng Township, Taitung County Map
    Taitung County Government-Tribal village travel
  • II.Jinlun Magical Beauty Hot Spring-Dainty Spa
  • dainty-spa
    Lots of people come to Taiwan for hot springs. Taitung’s hot springs, however, are VERY special! Different from the sulphur springs found on Yangming Mountain in Taipei, the active element in Taitung’s hot springs is sodium bicarbonate which will rejuvenate your skin! If you are looking for a hot spring with maximum sodium bicarbonate, Taitung is a must-visit! Go to Dainty Spa in Jinlun Hot Spring Park, downstream from the Jinlun River. Manager of Dainty Spa Mr. Yeh explains that Dainty uses air stripping to get on their hot spring water. Hold your hands close to the giant smoking earthenware jar near the entrance and you’ll feel “Chi” in your palms. The hot spring is a natural thermal spring, over 100 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the water is clean and rich in minerals to make your skin soft and smooth.

    Dainty Spa
    Add:No. 2-2, Duoliang, Neighbourhood 10, Duoliang Village, Taimali Township, Taitung County Map
    Hot Spring Opening Hours:6:00~18:00
    Hot Spring Price:NT$250-Weekdays & Weekends
    NT$350-Lunar New Year period
    Tel:(089)771-759 / (089)771-568 / (089)771-569
    Taitung County Government-Hot Spring
  • III.Sea of Hot Air Balloon Lights-Tiehua Music Village
  • tiehua
    A sea of hot air balloon hangs from the tree branches in Tiehua Music Village. Each pattern sparkling with pastel colors like a child’s drawing. Go straight down Bo Ai Road and you’ll easily see this skylight festival, watch them gently blowing with the breeze as you walk hand-in-hand through Tiehua Music Village. While surrounded by the sea of lights, indigenous music drifts around you and handmade crafts are all for sale. Souvenirs to represent the magical evenings spent walking through Tiehua Music Village.
  • Tiehua Music Village
    Add:No. 26, Ln. 135, Xinsheng Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County Map
    Turn on the lights: Everyday 18:00~21:00
    *The lights will not turn on due to the rain.*
    Official Web:http://www.tiehua.com.tw/
    Taitung County Government-Tiehua Music Village