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Taiwan Covid-19 Coronavirus News

Covid-19 Cases in Taiwan

Has Taiwan Reopened Its Borders for Overseas Teachers?

Yes. Announced on 2/24, and clarified to include bushiban teachers on 2/25.  Policy activated from 3/7.

Before Covid, the hiring process for most of us to be hired from overseas has been this:

  • Sign the Contract in our home country.
  • Get our Work Permits issued and emailed to us while in our home country.
  • Depart once Work Permit arrives. A process of about a month.

And, as of 10/13, upon arrival you'll be asked to follow 7 days of self-monitoring.  Quarantining is not required.

So, from March 7th, the policy of the relevant health and policy ministries in Taiwan is to reopen the hiring of teachers from overseas.  Definitely good news. 

And, with the disease coming more and more under control, the rule on wearing masks outdoors has been lifted - as of 12/1/2022. Link.  Still required indoors and in public transportation.

What about my ARC?

Following the process above you'll be arriving with a Work Permit. Once you're past quarantine and working, your ARC is usually issued about two to three weeks later. And, since you ALREADY have a Work Permit you'll be OK to start teaching.

Have Mask Rules for Public Transit Been Lifted?

Yes - as of 4/17/2023 - Announcement.

Have Indoor Mask Rules Been Lifted?

Yes - as of 2/20/2023.  By and large indoor masking will not be required.  Exceptions are hospitals and public transport. Announcement.

How does the current number of Coronavirus cases in Taiwan number compare with other locations?

Johns Hopkins CSSU

Have Outdoor Mask Rules Been Lifted

Yes - as of 12/1/2022. Link.  Still required indoors and in public transportation.