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The International Master of Business Administration at NCKU 國立成功大學, Tainan

Dr. Jeh-Nan (Jack) Pan 潘浙楠
Associate Dean & Professor 副院長暨教授

Dr. Jeh-Nan (Jack) Pan 潘浙楠 sat down recently with a reporter from tealit.com. In a discussion that ranged from Ford Motor Company’s participation to the Dual Degree program with schools like Purdue and Cal State; from social responsibility to NCKU’s leading position in

Taiwan as a research center, all indicators pointed in one direction – NCKU is Taiwan’s pre-eminent MBA campus, outstripping all others on several fronts and pushing forward to take a position as one of the world’s leading centers of higher learning. If you have been debating which MBA or Ph.D program to enter this is the article you have been waiting for.

Dr. Jeh-Nan (Jack) Pan 潘浙楠 - Educational Background
1984 Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, Texas Tech University
1980 M.S. Industrial Engineering, Texas Tech University
1976 B.S. Mathematics, National Kaohsiung Normal University

The first issue that must be addressed is the topic of cost. NCKU’s commitment to recruiting International students could not be more generous. The school offers a full scholarship. As an international student you will attend classes…without cost. As Dr. Pan said, for International Students, attending NCKU’s IMBA program is “like winning the lottery.”

Still, that is just the beginning of the story. There are many programs which currently offer generous scholarships for overseas students. However, NCKU is THE choice for international and local students for very specific set of strengths. Strengths that put the school ahead of every other school in Taiwan.

Obviously the point of GETTING an MBA is to get an advantage in being hired. Well, this is where you can’t go wrong attending National Cheng Kung University, as Dr. Pan pointed out NCKU graduates have been ranked as the most welcome among hiring managers in Taiwan for a solid decade. Your degree will be scrutinized. It should open doors rather than instill hesitation. NCKU graduates get jobs.

Dr. Jeh-Nan (Jack) Pan 潘浙楠 

The quality of a university can clearly be linked to the scholarship it produces, and how carefully that scholarship is followed and implemented in real-world situations. Dr. Pan discussed NCKU’s vast advantage over other schools in Taiwan in both situations. He noted that in the last year alone NCKU professors had more than 180 articles published in leading research journals.

However, research without application is useless. The hallmark for an MBA program has to be practicality. In this case NCKU rises to the top. A 2007 report from the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council showed that NCKU was the leader in Taiwan for Industrial cooperation. And remember – Taiwan is the Asian Tiger economy, with literally thousands of industries and almost every Fortune 500 present. If industry is turning to NCKU where do you want to turn to?

Then, there is simply scale. What MBA program is the largest in Taiwan? Again – NCKU. As Dr. Pan noted the IMBA program has nearly 3,000 students and over 36 different countries represented. The College of Management is able to attract the most students in Taiwan for one reason – quality. Dr. Pan elaborated on this, describing his plans for the school:

“Our goal is to reach the top 100 universities in the world. Our core value: to diligently pursue knowledge and wisdom and maintain a pragmatic and innovative approach to achieving excellence in teaching research and service.”

It’s no accident that since 2005 NCKU has offered more Master’s degree programs than any other school in Taiwan, including NTU. NCKU is able to support that wide diversity for one reason - quality programs attract students.

The emphasis on quality is reflected in NCKU’s IMBA. Students get the latest business methodology from the world’s leading academics – with Dr Pan noting “We select the best and most experienced professors.” Further, there is the care and precision in designing each class. Dr. Pan noted that there are 5 strict criteria each course must meet:

  1. Enhance Communication Skills
  2. Develop Leadership Skills
  3. Include a Strong Component of Social Responsibility
  4. Approach Topics from a Global perspective
  5. Strengthen Problem Solving Skills.

And then…in keeping with the College of Management’s focus on real-world application, the IMBA brings leading executives from the world’s largest multinational companies to lecture. For example in 2008’s Multinational Operation & Management Course:

  • Human Resource Management – lecture by Bob Crowley, HR Director Ford Motor Company Taiwan
  • How to Build A Strong Brand – lecture by Jason Liu, Director of Mazda
  • Multinational and Participation Strategies: Content and Formulation - lecture by L. C. Chen, Volvo Marketing Director
  • Customer Satisfaction & Quality - lecture by Simple Chien, TQE Manager Ford Motor Company in Taiwan
  • International Strategic Alliances: Design and Management - lecture by Mike Chang, Director of Manufacturing Ford Motor Company Taiwan
  • Mission of Material Planning & Logistics - lecture by Jimmy Hong, Material Planning & Logistics Manager Ford Motor Company Taiwan

Learn Human Resources management from FORD MOTOR COMPANY’S HR Director! Brand Management from the DIRECTOR of Mazda! Multinational and Participation Strategies from the MARKETING DIRECTOR OF VOLVO! When you attend NCKU you learn from the leading executives in the world’s largest companies. As Dr. Pan noted, the curriculum offers an outstanding “bridge between the theory and practice”.

Dual Degree Program

In addition to these rich resources NCKU provides students the opportunity to get a second degree from noted overseas university through its Dual Degree Program. Dr. Pan noted that there are 13 participating sister schools including Purdue, Cal State and Southern Illinois University. The Dual Degree Program offers you the opportunity to do your 1st year in Taiwan, your 2nd year overseas. You return to Taiwan to write your thesis and then… you get TWO Degrees! Plus, Dr. Pan pointed out that if you attend either Cal State or Southern Illinois, you’ll get tuition waivers – in addition to having TWO MBAs.


NCKU 國立成功大學
NCKU's Logo

Research & Alumni


For NCKU’s International Masters Degree Program there are two other things that really stand out. Things which separate the school from all the others. The first is…research. NCKU publishes the prestigious Asia Pacific Management Review quarterly, a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal covering all aspects of management. That puts NCKU’s course of study not just in textbooks… but at the cutting edge of research. It also means that the work you do during your time at NCKU can receive international recognition. Last year’s conference was held in conjunction with Monash University in Australia and addressed the topic of Managing Transitions in the Asia Pacific: Globalization and Localization. This year’s will be held at the Airlangga University in Indonesia and will deal with Managing Competitiveness in the Knowledge Economy.

The second issue that stands out is alumni. Graduates of NCKU go on to leading positions in government and business across Taiwan and around the globe. That strong base of alumni becomes your network as you seek to advance your career.

Remember, NCKU graduates are considered the most welcome among all students in Taiwan. Combine that with the alumni network, the generosity of scholarships, NCKU’s leading position vis-à-vis corporate cooperation, the size of the IMBA program, the quality of the professors, the executive leaders who are your teachers, the Dual degree program with elite schools around the world, the quality of the research & publications, and NCKU stands at the top of the academic world in Taiwan - the obvious choice for anyone considering an MBA, Ph.D. or undergraduate degree in Taiwan today.


Distinguished Alumni

Hsin-Yi Lin林信義, former Vice Premier 前行政院副院長
Chen-Hsing Yen 閻振興, former Minister of Education 前教育部長
Yun-Ping Luo 羅雲平, former Minister of Education 前教育部部長
Jin Wu 吳京, former Minister of Education 前教育部部長
Poh-Hsiung Wu 吳伯雄, former Minister of Interior,  former Presidential Secretary General前內政部長、前總統府秘書長
Jaw-Yang Tsai 蔡兆陽, former Minister of Transportation and Communication前交通部長
Jian-Shiuan Wang 王建煊, President of the Control Yuan監察院院長
Nan-Cheng Su 蘇南成, former National Assembly Speaker 前國大議長
Han-Min Hsia 夏漢民, former Minister of National Science Council前國科會主委
Chin-Der Ou 歐晉德, former Chairperson of Public Construction Commission of Executive Yuan前行政院公共工程委員會主委
Cheng-I Weng 翁政義, former Minister of National Science Council前國科會主委
Yao-Chi Kuo 郭瑤琪, former Minister of Transportation and Communication前交通部長
Chang-Yao Hsu 許璋瑤, former Director General of Directorate General of Budget,  Accounting and Statistics of Executive Yuan 前行政院主計長
Chi-Kuo Mao 毛治國, Minister of Transportation and Communication交通部長
Lou-Chuang Lee 李羅權, Minister of National Science Council國科會主委

Elite Faculty


Chen-Hsing Yen 閻振興, NTU,  NCKU 國立台灣大學、國立成功大學
Jyong Lang Liou 劉炯朗,  NTHU 國立清華大學
Jiun Yen Chang 張俊彥, NCTU 國立交通大學
Paul Chu 朱經武, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology香港科技大學
David C. Chang 張鍾濬, Polytechnic University 紐約科技大學
Rose Tseng 張蘊禮, University of Hawaii at Hilo 夏威夷大學希羅分校
Han- Min Hsia 夏漢民, NCKU 國立成功大學
Cheng-I Weng 翁政義, NCKU,  FGU 國立成功大學、佛光大學
Lou- Chuang Lee 李羅權, NCU 中央大學
Tsung Yan 顏聰, NCHU 國立中興大學
Mau-Ling Wang 王茂齡, CCU 國立中正大學
Ching-Tien Liou 劉清田, NTUST 國立台灣科技大學
Wei-Chi Liou 劉維琪, NSYSU 國立中山大學
Jing-Shiung Chen 陳金雄, SZMC 樹人醫護管理專科學校
Chi-Ming Chuang 莊淇銘, NTU E國立台北教育大學
Mao- Rong Yeh 葉茂榮, NJIT 南榮技術學院
Shan Huei Ou 歐善惠, Tajen 大仁科技大學