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ReAnKos Counseling Service, A Part of the Reangel Group

Dr. Jun Qin Chen, M.D. 陳俊欽

Dr. Jun Qin Chen, M.D. 陳俊欽 is the founder of the Reangel Clinical Group, a leader in private practice mental health centers in Taiwan. As a graduate of the National Taiwan University Medical School Dr. Chen practiced for many years at the Mackay Memorial Hospital in their psychiatry and psychotherapy clinics. What Chen saw while working in public hospitals dismayed him. Some afternoons Chen's patient log would be as high as 100 patients. Being asked to see 30 patients in 30 minutes was not uncommon. Chen said taking the time to offer the kind of patient-centered or humanistic therapies he had worked so hard to learn only meant that he would face even longer patient rolls, as the funding for mental health issues is quite lean in Taiwan, and usally the first department when reductions are needed.

Dr. Chen's own frustrations were well-channeled. In 2004 Chen struck out on his own and founded one of Taiwan's very first private mental health clinics - the Reangel Group. Among the guiding principles Chen has for the 3 clinics perhaps the most fundamantal can be found in these two beliefs he expressed:

"There is no patient, only individuals."



The 3 clinics each seeks to address different needs of unique clients. The Reangel Clinic treats Chinese-speaking patients. The ReAnKos Clinic treat English-speaking patients, with English-language sessions. And the Rekosmos Clinic offers group counseling and specialty counseling sevices. Chen focuses on communication and discussion-based therapies and, as a medical doctor, is also licensed to prescribe medication to his clients, and for the clients of other therapists Chen works in consultation with in the Reangel group.

Chen described his goal in founding the Reangel group as finding a means to provide a safe, comfortable and high-quality environment for people seeking counseling.

Dr. Chen was born in Tainan. He is the author of 10 books. The most recent of which is titled:

Happiness or Unhappiness is Your Decision

你可以不快樂 Happiness or Unhappiness is Your Decision 2008

Chen's other works are:
反叛白袍 Be a Therapist, Not a Doctor 2004
我憂鬱,但是我沒病 I am Depressed, but Not Sick 2004
搶救自殺行動 Suicide Rescue Operations 2003
別怕安眠藥 Don't Be Afraid of Hypnosis 2003
幫他走過精神障礙 Overcoming Spiritual Obstacles 2003
焦慮也是病嗎? Is Anxiety an Illness? 2002
戰勝躁鬱症 Conquering Bipolar Disorder 2002
精神分裂症 Schizophrenia 2002
急診精神醫學 Emergency Psychiatry 2002
臨床精神藥物學 The Spirit of Clinical Pharmacology 2001

Other Counselors at the Reangel Group

Carol Lee

Carol Lee

Lee was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Taiwan, studied and worked in the United States for 10 years. Her multi-cultural background has drawn her to the studies of psychology and counseling. Lee states that she has always been fascinated by the complexity of human relationships. Many human issues such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, obsessions and addictions are associated with relationships and/or lack of relationships.

Lee feels that the process of counseling is a journey towards discovering certain areas of self that has been ignored or avoided, either consciously or unconsciously. This process differs from the typical Hollywood movie's image of therapy: lying on a couch to "free associate" childhood trauma(s). Lee emphasizes that psychotherapy doesn't promise joy and happiness, but it does free up a person from constricting guilt, doubt, and despair. Lee has practiced since 1999. She is a National Board Certified Counselor in the USA and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Taiwan.

Areas of focus in counseling practice:
1. Boundaries
2. Indecision
3. Mistrust
4. Obsession with unwanted thoughts
5. Suppression or repression of emotions
7. Mood swings
8. Compulsive eating
9. Midlife Crisis
10. Child play therapy

Naomi Lee

Naomi Lee

Naomi Lee has 2 master degrees, Special Education and Counseling Psychology. Starting out her professional career as an elementary school teacher, Lee found herself drawn to children she saw exhibiting symptoms of mental illness.

Lee found that the way to help students was not just through by having their best interests at heart, but that it also required the knowledge and skills of the principles of psychology - to let those students facing issues gain the skills they needed to be not just good students, but well-adjusted, productive and happy individuals.

From Lee's work in the public schools and years as a therapist she says that the most important thing for younger people is to focus on the inter-family relationship - especially where parents can learn to understand the situations and perceptions of their children, rather than just setting a stern regime of inflexible rules - to try to understand what the children see, and provide an environment where they can still feel safe despite the issues they encounter outside the home while growing up. During her time as a teacher Lee came to see that the most effective way to help students facing issues, and parents who love them, was through becoming a counselor. Lee practiced in the U.S.A at the New York Asian Women's Center for two years .

Areas of Specialization
1. Self-Enrichment / Self-Growth / Self-Development
2. Career Exploration / Career Development
3. Life Adjustment
4. Stress and Emotion Management
5. Interpersonal Communication Issues
7. Romantic Relationship
8. Pregnancy Counseling
9. Couples' Counseling
10. Psychological-Educational Groups, Self-Enrichment Groups

Carol Lan

Carol Lan

When Carol Lan was pursuing her undergraduate education, she had two majors - English Literature and Spanish. The heavy pressures of studying brought Lan herself to the university's counselor - and, from that point on, Lan began to realize the benefits of mental health - and the ways in which therapy and reaching out can be beneficial. Lan's advanced education and professional orientation have kept her on that path.

Lan has worked in the U.S.A at the Maryview Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, and today, in addition to practicing with the Reangel Group, Lan is also a therapist at National Taiwan University, offerring English counseling services to international undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. Lan has enjoyed singing all her life and is now sings soprano in the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus.

Areas of Specialization
1. Psychosis / Emotional Stress
2. Drug Abuse
3. Self-Growth
4. Self Accomplishment
5. Interpersonal Relationships
6. Self-Confidence
7. Issues of Gender Relationship