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台灣華語教學連接中西方橋梁 TCSOL

  •   擔心自己的中文程度不錯而沒有適當的機會可以發揮嗎?或是想利用語言的優勢教想學中文的外國人? 你所想的tealit.com都知道,這裡就要推薦全台華語教學的學校資訊。


    Thinking about where you can get trained to teach Chinese to speakers of other languages - TCSOL? Feel that sharing the Chinese language with the whole world is your mission? Want to enjoy the benefits of being a native-speaking teacher of Chinese tealit.com has the answers for you right here! All the universities in Taiwan that offer TCSOL degrees! With links!

    Chinese Learning is becoming a trend in the West. These programs will help you become certified and give you the skills to demonstrate the beauty and subtlety of Chinese! The TCSOL schools below offer the materials and faculty to explore the contrasts between Eastern and Western Culture reflected in the language while learning how to share what binds all people together by teaching Chinese and letting others learn a new language and culture.
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