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National Taiwan University 國立臺灣大學

National Taiwan University has extensive scholarships and programs designed specifically for overseas students. With the country’s leading research facilities, an elite faculty of western-educated Ph.D.s and a student body made up of the highest achivers from around Taiwan students from around the world are finding National Taiwan University the place to get an Ivy League-quality undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degree at a fraction of the cost of matriculating in the West; while at the same time mastering Chinese language skills and first-hand cultural familiarity with the entire Greater China region.

International Students at NTU

Cristian Omar Adrianzen Castellanos 王文漢
Age: 23
Nationality: Peru
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

Cristian Omar Adrianzen Castellanos studied Electrical and Engineering for 3 years, and thus was not unfamiliar with the field. The advantages of Chinese language skills made Castellanos choose to study in Asia. It was National Taiwan University’s leading position that sealed the deal for Castellanos.

Today, he speaks Chinese fluently, having studied in the since he have studies in Language Center of Department of Chinese, College of Literature.

Castellanos explained that learning Chinese can be a challenge, but by studying in Taiwan he has an all-Chinese immersive environment. He speaks Chinese everyday, watches Taiwan TV, chats with classmates and practices with friends. He, too was awarded a Taiwan scholarship.

Thaddeus Rozak 熊泰德

Age: 34
Nationality: Canada
1st year, Global MBA Program, College of Management

Thaddeus Rozak was teaching English in Taiwan before becoming a student in the Global MBA Program. Having often heard local friends extolling the school, he chose to enroll. After graduation he hopes to work in international business in Taiwan, Japan or China.

Mary Mendy 瑪莉
Age: 31
Nationality: Gambia
1st year, Masters of Agricultural Economics

Mary Mendy majored in Sociology and Economics. She is a top-level researcher in Gambia. Mendy is married and has a daughter, and said she hope to devote her knowledge of agricultural economics to Gambia’s development.

Mendy said that she enjoys studying at NTU and hopes to finish her study by getting a Ph.D. at NTU.

Hakki Caner Kirmizi 柯賀祁
Age: 20
Nationality: Turkey
Freshman, Computer Science and Information Engineering, NTU

Choosing to study abroad is a big step for any senior high school student. Hakki Caner Kirmizi had planned to study in Japan, but made the decision to study Computer Science and Information Engineering at NTU. Kirmizi explained that he hopes to be a professional researcher in the future.

Turkey and Japan have a close trade relationship and while Kirmizi had originally chosen to study in Japan, the tuitions in Japan are prohibitively high. Kirmizi found that NTU had internationally excellent academic standards - and significantly lower tuition costs. Moreover, NTU offers substantial scholarships to international students. Kirmizi was awarded a Taiwan Scholarship.

NTU 國立臺灣大學
NTU's Logo

Online Application Forms & Extensive Scholarships for International Students

National Taiwan University has greatly streamlined the application process for international students. The office of admissions provides quick responses to applications. More than 80% of international graduate students at NTU receive scholarships. Further, with the university's substantial endowment and generous government support, fees for students at National Taiwan University are among the most competitive in the world. While receiving the highest standard of education from the country’s leading university, students from overseas are saving thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of their education. And, at the same time, gaining critical real-world experience in Greater China. The application deadline for 2008 is March 14th.

Students from Around the World & 500+ Courses Taught in English

At the end of 2007 NTU’s foreign students came from over 50 different countries and represented a wide variety of scholarly pursuits. Among the most popular with overseas students are the degree programs taught entirely in English at NTU: the Global MBA and the International Graduate Program in Agricultural Policy, Development & Management.

In addition, NTU also has more than 500 professional courses taught in English. For example, College of Life Science, NTU has courses taught in English via distance learning with Kyoto University, Japan. These courses have become very popular among foreign students.

All-English Classes

NTU’s Global MBA Program at the College of Management offers a whole-English learning environment. Classes are conducted entirely in English.  90% of the program’s professors received their Ph.D.s from elite universities in the U.S.A and the U.K. The program provides students with a thorough grounding in the most up-to-date management theory & research methods. Furthermore, NTU’s Global MBA Program gives students many opportunities to work directly with multinational companies at their sites in Taiwan and sites worldwide.

Chinese Language Skills & Chinese Culture Skillss

Many overseas NTU students at Masters & Ph.D. level enroll in the university’s all-English Programs. At the same time, NTU offers students extensive support in learning Chinese. On top of the scholarships the university offers international Ph.D. & Masters degree students an additional 50% tuition subsidy for studying Chinese during their first year. Undergraduate international students get get a full subsidy as freshmen: undergraduates can learn Chinese free in their freshman year.

The two language centers at National Taiwan University – the Chinese Language Division, Language Center / CLD文學院語文中心的中國語文組 and the International Chinese Language Program / ICLP國際華語研習所 – are among the academic world’s leading centers for learning Chinese, with programs designed specifically to meet the needs of non-native speakers seeking to quickly acquire Chinese language skill. The CLD and the ICLP focus on small-sized classes with active and fast-paced curricula that take advantage not only of the classroom, but also the complete immersion that surround students everyday.

In addition, the NTU language centers offer a variety of additional classes, such as Taiwanese, calligraphy, writing, pronunciation, conversation and private tutorials.

Campus & Bio-Forest Research Facilities Comprise 1% area of Taiwan

The NTU campus and research facilities span the length & breadth of the island. Dr. Jer-Ming Hu 國際事務處副處長 胡哲明博士, Deputy Dean of the Office of International Affairs and Associate Professor in the Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, described the campus as located in the heart of Taipei City and reaching across Taiwan. Combining the Taipei Campus with its associated research facilities, the university comprises some 1% of the total area of the island.

Of particular interest to many foreign students is The Experimental Forest, College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture, 國立臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林. With some 32,781 hectares and with a range of altitudes & biospheres, containing tropical regions, subtropics, warm- and cold-weather forests and their accompanying ranges of wildlife. As a protected area dedicated to research, it is considered among the best locations for agricultural and environmental study in the world.

International Students’ Clubs, Individualized Support & Honor Roll Tutorials

The extra-curricular environment for foreign students at NTU is rich & varied. There is the Foreign Students’ Association, the NTU International Student Information Service, the NTU Multi-Language Exchange Club. These clubs hold different social, academic and intellectual activities to allow foreign students to build strong relationships with other NTU students.

Dr. Hu also described the Office of International Affairs. The OIS helps foreign students with airport pick-up, accommodations, registration, course selection, residence visa, ARC and more, making the arrival & set up for foreign students smooth & enjoyable.

NTU also offers Foreign students an Honor Roll Tutorial System, matching foreign students with local honor roll-achieving NTU students.

NTU Host Families for Chinese New Year

NTU has created a Host Family Program 外籍學生接待家庭 to enable overseas students to enjoy & experience each of the country’s major holidays as locals do – within a family. Volunteer families, parents and university staff invite NTU students from overseas into their homes during celebrations of key festivals, allowing students to get a first-hand experience of customs and practices.

The NTU Office of International Affairs manages the effort, matching students and families, and allowing them numerous opportunities throughout the school year to become familiar, and create a lasting-relationship. This familiarity makes the experience of the holidays even more meaningful – rather than just being dropped into a family for a single evening’s meal.

No.1 School for Studying And Understanding Classical Chinese Culture

Dr Hu believes that for overseas who are interested in Chinese and Eastern culture NTU is be their best choice. Taiwan has the largest base of academics & research dedicated to Classical Chinese culture, and NTU is a leader in the field.

According to the Encyclopedia Dictionary of the Chinese Language, traditional Chinese has almost 49,880 words and 371,231 phrases. The simplified Chinese taught in China has only 2,500 words. To learn beyond this number, students need to turn to traditional Chinese.

Learning traditional Chinese enables non-native speakers to deeply understand Chinese culture. Most students find that it’s easier to pick up Simplified Chinese if you have studied traditional Chinese first.

The legends, philosophies and cultural beliefs and that still hold sway over everyday life across all Chinese cultures are found preserved in their original form in Taiwan. Ancient classics such as the Four Books四書and the Five Classics五經 are still widely studied. You can meet people quoting the classics on the streets. This emphasis in Taiwan on the classical roots of Chinese provides lasting insight to non-native students, giving them the ability to understand the cultural motivations for beliefs and behaviors critical for success at the cross-cultural level.

Comprehensive Research University

  • 11 Colleges
  • 54 Departments
  • 99 Graduate schools, including 98 Masters Degree Programs and 88 Doctorial programs.
  • 32,582 students
  • 3,146 teachers, including 989 full-time professors.

Dual Degree Programs with Leading Institutions Worldwide

NTU has cooperated with elite universities from around the world to establish Dual-Degree Programs. These courses of study have proven very successful and plans are underway to expand the program to even more universities. The sister schools with dual-degree program as of 2007:


  • Nanyang Technological University


  • L'Universite Jean Moulin – Lyon 3
  • L'Universite Joseph Fourier (Grenoble 1)
  • L'Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • L'Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan
  • Université Paris-Sud 11 University Montpellier 2


  • Johannes Kepler University


  • Waseda University

Application Procedure

International Students' Application deadline:March 14, 2008

  1. Check list
    Generated after filling out the online application.
  2. Three application forms
    Generated after filling out the online application.    
  3. Two photocopies of your original diploma
  4. Two translations of your original diploma (if applicable)
  5. Two official transcripts copies
  6. Two translations of official transcripts (if applicable)
  7. One study plan in English or in Chinese
  8. Neither length nor format is restricted, unless required by the intended department / institute.
  9. Two letters of recommendation
  10. Financial Statements
  11. Additional requirements by the intended department/institute (if applicable)
  12. Declaration form
    Generated after filling out the online application.
  13. Authorization form
    Generated after filling out the online application.
  14. Non-refundable Application fee NT$1,500 / US$60.


General Scholarship of Ministry of Education for International Students
Undergraduate :NT$15,000/month
Masters: NT$20,000/month
Doctoral: NT$25,000/month

NTU International Graduate Students Support Fund
Full tuition and miscellaneous fees for Semesters I and II

NTU International Graduate Students Scholarship
Masters: NT$20,000/month
Doctoral: NT$25,000/month



Contact Information

For more information please contact Office of International Affairs
Tel: +886-2-33662007 ext. 212
Email: [email protected]