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National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology 國立高雄第一科技大學 - Southern Taiwan's Leading University

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

Peter Koneta 柯彼德

Age: 32
From: Hungary
Program: Senior, Japanese

Koneta’s undergraduate major in Hungary was Japanese. However, he chose to pursue advanced study at NKFUST instead of Japan. The main reason: the opportunity to learn Chinese, reasoning that it would widely expand his opportunities in Asia. Koneta reports enjoying the coursework and the special individual support given to overseas students at National Kaohsiung First University. Koneta also mentioned the perfect climate of Southern Taiwan as making it an easy choice.

Vandat Tran 陳文達

Age: 27
From: Vietnam
Program: 1st year, Master of Business Administration

Vandat Tran’s undergraduate major was International Trade. Tran worked for 5 years in the development branch of the Pou Chen Group. Having witnessed first-hand the explosion of Taiwanese investment in Vietnam, Tran decided to take advantage of National Kaohsiung First University’s IMBA program combined with the opportunity to learn Chinese. Tran also pointed out National Kaohsiung First University’s 1st rate library and delightful weather. Tran hopes to work for a Taiwan firm in Vietnam upon graduation.

Koichi Nakanishi 中西功一

Age: 35
From: Japan
Program: 2nd year, M.A. in Japanese

Koichi Nakanishi holds a bachelor degree in Marketing from the USA and speaks English fluently. Nakanishi’s goal is to get a master’s degree in and teach Japanese in Taiwan’s Universities. Nakanishi chose National Kaohsiung First University after having looked at schools all over the world.

National Kaohsiung First University is one of southern Taiwan’s leading universities. Recognized in 2005 as one of the country's Top Performing Universities by the Ministry of Education, NKFUST was again recognized in 2006 when an independent study conducted by a leading business publication in Taiwan found National Kaohsiung First University’s programs to be considered the most attractive in the General Service category out of ALL schools in Taiwan.

NKFUST has now turned its attention to recruiting students from overseas. The flexible design of their IMBA program, the strong financial support provided by the school and the excellence of the academics on campus are luring students from all over the world to Kaohsiung and National Kaohsiung First University.

NKFUST 國立高雄第一科技大學

Award Winning & Solicited by Local Fortune 500 Companies

NKFUST’s recognition in 2005 as a Top Performing University has heightened the campus’ reputation both locally and internationally. In addition, Dr. Chu-Hsiung Lin, Dean of Research and Development Office described the schools strong record of job placement both in the corporate word – among the many Fortune 500 firms operating in Taiwan – and with the academic world. Lin regularly fields requests from local multi-national companies seeking to recruit NKFUST students and graduates.

Dr. Chu-Hsiung Lin

Overseas Students Receive FREE Chinese Classes AND Get Credit for Them!

Overseas Master’s degree and Ph.D.-level students at National Kaohsiung First University receive one benefit that no other school we’ve found so far offers – Chinese classes for FREE! These are university-level classes, grouped by students’ ability. Using the latest materials and methods and state-of-the art classrooms, overseas students at National Kaohsiung First University are not only receiving the best possible education, they are also managing their futures in the most fundamental fashion by learning Chinese. And, not just learning Chinese…but getting their classes entirely for free. Combined with the immersion offered just beyond the campus perimeter the benefit of such classes becomes almost immeasurable.

Dr. Lin was quick to point out that the Chinese classes are FOR CREDIT and will count toward students’ totals when graduating.

In addition, National Kaohsiung First University’s Center for General Education even offers other languages – meaning students can maintain or develop skills in an additional foreign language should their study needs direct them down that path.

International MBA at the College of Management

National Kaohsiung First University’s all-English International MBA program provides a HIGHLY flexible course design to overseas students - requiring just 6 credits of core classes mong the 36 required to graduate from the 2-year program. Director of International Master of Business Management Administration at College of Management, NKFUST Dr. Pei Chao described this design as having been made to offer the highest degree of interest–area specificity to overseas students, enabling students to select from among National Kaohsiung First University’s wide array of all-English classes to balance out the bulk of their MBA degree based on fields that interest them most. For example, taking courses from the College of Finance and Banking, the College of Foreign Languages, the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or the College of Engineering.

Dr. Pei Chao

Faculty of Leading Scholars

Professors at National Kaohsiung First University are among the best. Over 95% of full-time professors hold Ph.D. degrees. This level of Ph.D. holders is the second highest among universities in the entire country.

Dr. Lin outlined the school’s commitment to research. On average each professor runs 1.2 research projects per year with an average budget of NT$782,000(US$25,226). The research returns numerous published essays and scholarly papers. On average, announced essays for each professor is 3.73 each year.

Students Travel Across the Asia Pacific Region for Research – Funded by the University and FOR Credit

Dr. Chao described the International MBA is as being genuinely committed to the international component of the study. In February 2008 students and faculty traveled to Japan to visit leading logistics companies and to the Campus of Japan’s University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences for academic collaboration.

National Kaohsiung First University students not only got to undertake the travel as part of their academic program – the trip itself was provided as part of their curriculum – but they were even afforded a stipend of funds to help them underwrite any ancillary expenses while traveling. And, the tour counted as 2 credits toward graduation from the International MBA program!

In summer 2008, Dr. Chao is planning another similar visit for International MBA students to Shanghai and Zhongqing.

Sunshine & Beaches - the Most Beautiful Part of Taiwan

Beyond the opportunity and quality of the education at National Kaohsiung First University, one additional part that simply cannot go unmentioned is… the WEATHER! National Kaohsiung First University is set in the unfailingly-sunny southern reaches of Taiwan. While the northern part of the country drizzles through months of soggy winters, Kaohsiung enjoys among the most beautiful winter weather available anywhere on the PLANET. Kaohsiung’s many miles of beaches – and proximity to the Kenting National park, a stretch of unspoiled Pacific Ocean beach front – make studying choosing National Kaohsiung First University all the easier.

Ample Scholarships and Strong Individual Support for Overseas Students

Acording to Dr. Lin. nearly 100% of overseas students are granted scholarships and tuition waivers and housing subsidies. The combination of grants, scholarships and tuition waivers offered by National Kaohsiung First University means that most overseas students enrolled receive a monthly stipend to cover additional living expenses. The net result: overseas students who enroll in National Kaohsiung First University can get their degrees virtually WITHOUT COST, while studying IN ENGLISH in the HEART of the Asia Pacific AND getting to LEARN CHINESE for FREE!


All of the following three items should be submitted at the same time as your application packet.
1. Two copies of the completed application form. Download
Photocopies of the certificates of the applicant’s highest foreign education record and the transcripts (A copy of Chinese or English translation shall be submitted if in a language other than Chinese or English). The applicant’s academic certificates, except for those issued by overseas Taiwan schools and schools for overseas Chinese, shall be verified by the R.O.C. representative office abroad.
2. One financial statement: Scholarship award winners MUST include the proof document. Otherwise, please provide One financial statement issued by a bank and authenticated by the ROC representative offices abroad.  Besides those who have resided in Taiwan must provide a recent 3-month bank deposit statement. If the statement is not in the name of the applicant, a declaration with signature from the sponsor must be included, mentioning the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant, and guarantee to be responsible for the applicant's whole expense in Taiwan.
3. Other documents required by the department or institute applied for.
*Incomplete application packets will not be considered*
NOTE:“ROC representative offices abroad”stands for ROC embassies, consulates, representative offices, trade offices, or other agencies authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROC

Tuition & Incidental Fees

Undergraduate Programs: (each semester)
Tuition – NT$16,000
Incidental Fees – NT$7,000~10,000

Graduate Programs: (each semester)
Tuition and Fees – NT$10,000~12,000