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NCKU 國立成功大學 - Elite School, Nobel Alumni

International Students at National Cheng Kung University

Martin Jorge Ortega-Azurdy
From: Bolivia
Martin Jorge Ortega-Azurdy, 32-years-old from Bolivia, formerly a project manager in a high-tech firm said that studying Business and Chinese in the Institute for International Management will provide him with a critical advantage in the future.

Claude Halbert A. Mortel

From: The Philippines
Taking advantage of the proximity to Taiwan, Claude Halbert A. Mortel enrolled from the was from the Philippines. He plans to work back home, in Taiwan or in China for multi-national firm after graduating from the NCKU's Institute for International Management.

Claudia Fabiola Soruco Carballo
From: Bolivia
In addition to an excellent MBA program, Claudia Fabiola Soruco Carballo described the Chinese classes as dynamic and well-taught, with teachers responsive to students’ needs.

Taiwan’s leader in Engineering and Materials Sciences papers published in 2007, National Cheng Kung University has begun a concerted effort to recruit undergraduate and graduate students worldwide, offering overseas students all-English programs, complete scholarships and FREE Chinese classes, all set in the historic, perpetually sunny southern costal city of Tainan, Taiwan at the heart of the exploding Pacific Rim.

Leadership Recognized

Established in 1931, NCKU has expanded into eight separate campuses, spanning southern Taiwan, with 9 colleges, 39 departments, 82 graduate schools and 54 research centers. NCKU’s number one national position in Engineering and Materials Sciences papers published puts the school among the world’s leaders in the category. NCKU is widely considered Taiwan’s second leading university. This leadership has not gone unrecognized by the state, earning NCKU a sizable subsidy from Taiwan’s Development Plan for World Class Universities and Research Centers of Excellence. NCKU is determined to use that endowment to attract overseas students to the campus.

NCKU 國立成功大學
NCKU's Logo

All-English Degrees with FULL Scholarships

NCKU has established two all-English Degree programs at the Mater’s degree level – an International MBA program and a Master’s degree in Creative Industry Design. The IMBA at NCKU is designed to offer overseas students a platform for learning the latest methodologies in private enterprise while in the heart of Asia. The school’s Master’s Degree in Creative Industry Design offers the opportunity to study the most forward looking means of industrial production design. NCKU is also offering an all-English Ph.D. in Creative Industrial Design. All three programs offer overseas students full scholarships. And, most overseas students will enjoy a stipend - extra money to cover living expenses while enrolled.

The World’s Leading Firms

NCKU’s 54 research centers are not ivory-tower citadels separated from the reality of day-to-day. Dr. Wen-Teng Wu, Dean, College of Engineering工學院院長吳文騰博士 described the school as actively co-operating with leading multi-national firms located across southern Taiwan.

NCKU has a close relationship with the world’s leading world's dedicated semiconductor foundry, Taiwan Semiconductor 台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司. TSMC’s market capitalization in 2007 was estimated in excess of US$50 billion

In association with the China Steel Corporation中國鋼鐵股份有限公司NCKU established a Steel & Technology Research Center鋼鐵技術研究中心 managed by NCKU’s metallurgical faculty. China Steel is one of the world’s leading integrated steel manufacturers, taking in more than $6 billion in 2007.

Chi Mei Optoelectronics 奇美電子股份有限公司 is the world’s 4th largest manufacturer of TFT-LCD panels. Chi Mei’s parent corporation is the world’s largest producer of ABS resin. Chi Mei’s support of NCKU can be seen in regular annual donations made, and in the creation of the brand new Chi Mei building on NCKU’s campus.

These relationships translate into an incredible value for students coming from abroad: you come to a school with not only the resources to provide you with a top-flight education, but also with the business ties - from steel to semiconductors - to build a platform for jobs in leading multi-national corporations based in Asia. All while enjoying generous scholarships.

Distinguished Alumni of National Cheng Kung University

Samuel C.C. Ting
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Currently: Professor, MIT
Former: Assistant Professor, Columbia University, USA
Honors: Nobel Prize for Physics, 1976
Member, Academia Sinica (ROC)
Member, The National Academy of Sciences(USA)
Member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Member, USSR Academy of Science
Member, Chinese Academy of Science
Member, Russian Academy of Sciences

Jin Wu
Department of Civil Engineering
Currently: Minister of Education, ROC
Advisor, Institute of Public Affairs, National Cheng Kung University
Principal, National Cheng Kung University
Principal Research Scientist, Hydronautics, USA
Head, Division of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Hydronautics, USA
Head, Division of Fluid Motions, Hydronautics, USA
H. Brown Professor of Marine Studies and Civil Engineering, University of Delaware Honors: Member, Academia Sinica (ROC)
Member, National Academy of Engineering(USA)
Member, National Ocean Science Educator Award, USA

Paul Ching-Wu Chu
Department of Physics
Currently: Principal, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Committee Member, National Medal of Science
T. L. L. Temple Chair of Science at the University of Houston
Director, Texas Center for Superconductivity Honors:National Medal of Science, USA
Bernd Matthias Materials Prize, USA
The John Fritz Medal
Member, National Academy of Sciences(USA)
Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Member, Academia Sinica, ROC
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Member, The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, TWAS

Jennie S. Hwang
Department of Chemistry
Currently: C.E.O., H-Technologies Group,Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Trustee, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Outstanding Professor, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Honors: Member, National Academy of Engineering (USA)

Richard C. Chu
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Currently: Senior Researcher, IBM
Honors: Member, National Academy of Engineering (USA)
Fellow, IBM

100% of Overseas Post-Graduate Students Received Scholarships in 2007

Dr. Cheng-Hung Huang, Associate Vice President for International Affairs國際學術處副處長黃正弘博士 pointed out that NCKU offers a wide range of scholarships, grants and support to overseas students. In 2007 no overseas student went unsupported. NCKU is committed to attracting students to Tainan by a combination of the best programs and the most liberal scholarship packages offered.

Dr. Cheng-Hung Huang

NCKU Degree = Job Opportunity

Huge multi-national industries are spread all across Taiwan, one of the world’s long-standing Asian Tigers. Those businesses are looking to hire, and when they do they prefer to hire graduates of NCKU. In an annual survey of Taiwan’s leading companies, NCKU graduates are the first choice among hiring managers. NCKU has held the number one position in the survey for 10 years.

Free Chinese Courses

Dr. Cheng-Hung Huang, Associate Vice President for International Affairs described what can only be described as a critical leg-up: overseas students at NCKU not only get their classes entirely in English, but they also enjoy a free semester’s worth of Chinese classes. Claudia Fabiola Soruco Carballo from Bolivia described the Chinese classes as dynamic and well-taught, with teachers responsive to students’ needs.

World Vision & World Ties

Beyond the business principles taught, students getting their IMBA at the Institute of International Management get something more – a truly international perspective, as the student body is comprised of half international students – hailing from 24 different countries – and Taiwan students. Beyond the parochial mandates of being asked to build a business plan for your own type of local company in your own country, NCKU’s International IMBA offers students the challenges of working with classmates from around the world; you get the chance to design an international widget, as fellow classmates from around the world weigh in with suggestions you would never hear back home. Suggestions that may make your product a world beater. That’s something you can’t always get in a classroom full of students all from and raised in the same country. That international perspective can mean even more to business-minded students, as those cross-border friendships can open doors down the line as students ener the international workforce. You could almost say that the IMBA from NCKU is an AMBA, with the A- standing for advantage in the international marketplace.


Located on the consistently sunny south-west coast, Tainan is widely considered Taiwan’s oldest city. It was the capital between the years 1661 to 1887, and has countless important historic districts, buildings and landscapes. As a costal area it boasts magnificent beaches, known as the Golden Coast 黃金海岸, and to the east rolling hills Zhen Tou 枕頭山, Da Dong 大凍山 & Mei Ling 梅嶺 perfect for hiking. Plus, the Tsengwen River 曾文溪 runs through the county offering water sports and attracting wildlife. Tainan city is the 4th largest in Taiwan.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Fall 2008 has been extended! The new deadline is April 30th, 2008.



  • For juniors: international students with upper 20%~30% rankings can obtain from full and half tuition.
  • For seniors: international students with upper 15% to 30% rankings can obtain from full and half tuition.

Tuition & Miscellaneous / Credit Fee per unit

  • Undergraduate: US$765~ US$1,196/ semester
  • Graduate: US$300~ US$593/ semester
  • -Credit Fee per unit
  • Graduate: US$48

Materials Required for Application

  • Two copies of the completed application form
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s highest degree diploma and an official transcript, verified with official stamps by the R.O.C. embassies, consulates, or missions abroad or by other notary institutes authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C.
  • Financial statement certified by the R.O.C. embassies, consulates, or missions abroad (showing sufficient financial support for the applicant’s entire stay of study).
  • Passport Copy
  • Declaration
  • Two recommendation letters
  • A study plan in either Chinese or English
  • Other documents related to the application
  • Other documents related to the requirement of the department/institute

Applications can be submitted either in person or via postal service.


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