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Providence University All-English M.S., MBA

All-English Master's of Information Science
All-English Master's of Information Science

Providence University, central Taiwan’s leading private Catholic university, has opened all-new, all-English Master’s of Science in Information Science and M.B.A. degree programs.

Students can gradate in as little as 18 months.

The majority of the program’s professors are graduates of leading western Universities.  This means that not only will the lectures be in excellent English, but that the academics behind the classes will be at the very cutting edge.

In addition to the degree programs, Providence university offers international students FULL scholarships, meaning that for tuition you will pay… ZERO.  That’s right, a FREE post-graduate degree!

All-English M.B.A. Program
All-English M.B.A. Program

In addition to that, Providence University offers FREE Chinese classes.

The degree program's classes can be tailored to students’ schedules, meaning you can keep working while receiving your Master’s degree.

Furthermore, Providence University’s strong international alumni and deep ties to industry & academics across Taiwan means that graduates will be able to quickly find jobs.

Combining the best academic opportunity for overseas students with language skill classes and the strongest job-finding resources, makes Providence University’s new  all-English Master’s of Science and M.B.A. programs the natural choice for anyone in Taiwan or abroad thinking about a second degree.

Space in the program is limited and the deadline is April 30th.  Interested applicants can call Ms. Debby Yang, Office of International Affairs, Providence University, TEL: +886-4-2632-8001 ext.11822, [email protected] .