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Haircuts in Taiwan

Tresses a little too lengthy? Rapunzelling, perhaps? Sporting the Chewbacca? Well, no problem. Just go to the local coiffure and tell 'em what you...errrr... I mean... show 'em what you want. Uhhh... that is... body language 'em... body language how your hair should look like if you get it cut... like a body language future tense, true conditional statement and...

Ok, you know what I mean. If you've been here more than two months then you've probably tried this. Isn't that fun? It's so amusing to me to see how poorly my body language can sometimes be understood. But, I just laugh it off and... walk out...with... MY GOD, I'M UNRECOGNIZABLE!!! No, you can't laugh at the teacher, now sit down. Because I needed a haircut, that's why.

Well, here's what we hope will be an answer to the suddenly shorn. Presented for your protection, we offer...