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International Honors Program/IHP, Kainan University 開南大學

International Students in the International Honors Program/IHP, Kainan University

Kainan's International Honors Program program has attracted many elite students from across Russia. Interestingly, four such students that were drawn to the program all come from the same family:

Alexandra Zakharova and Daria Zakhavova are sisters and Grigory Kuritsyn and Mikhail Kuritsyn are their twin cousins.

Alexandra Zakharova

Age: 19
From: Russia

Alexandra's background is in advertising and music. She has worked as a manger in an advertising company as well. Singing and jazz are Alexandra’s passions, and she has even released an album. Intent on pursuing her academic career as well Alexandra was looking for an opportunity that would give her the strongest platform for an international career in Logistics. The International Honors Program - with classes conducted in English, elite Western-Educated professors, the chance to study at sister schools around the world and three years of Chinese classes - is providing that platform for her.


Daria Zakhavova

Age: 18
From: Russia
Program: 1st year, Master of Business Administration
Daria Zakhavova, similar to her sister as an ambitious, striving and talented student, came to the IHP at Kainan university for many of the same reasons as Alexandra: study abroad, improve her English and learn Chinese. Daria has chosen to focus on Business Management. Daria too has a passion for the arts - she’s an accomplished ballroom dancer. In the midst of her intense study Daria has found the opportunity to continue to pursue ballroom dance in her free time at Kainan, and has even been invited to give performances at the school.


Grigory Kuritsyn & Mikhail Kuritsyn

Ages: 20
From: Russia
Grigory Kuritsyn and Mikhail Kuritsyn are 20-year-old twins and the cousins of Alexandra & Daria. Today they have precise Chinese pronunciation. They credit Dr. Ti Wang王廸, and the patience and encouragement shown during their matriculation at Kainan. The twins described the supportive atmosphere as a major element in allowing them to progress rapidly in their acquisition of Chinese.

Grigory and Mikhail hope to pursue careers in the logistics field after graduating. They explained that they like movement - in the same way that the sea constantly moves. In the future, they hope have chance to work for an international shipping organization, such as Eva Air or Yang Ming Logistics Service.

In addition to Russia, the International Honors Program at Kainan University is attracting students from around the world, including Mongolia, Canada & the Philippines.

Munkhtsetseg Munkhbayar 蒙雅花

Age: 20
From: Mongolia
Munkhtsetseg Munkhbayar was originally studying in the University of Soyolerdem-Mongolia and majored in International Journalism. After graduation, she is considering either continuing her studies or beginning a career in the air transportation field. For Munkhbayar considers the unique specialized multi-lingual training she’s receiving - students not ONLY learn Chinese, but are taught in English - as an opportunity for her to give something back to her own coiuntry once she graduates.

She finds going out with the other international students at Kainan university among her most pleasant pastimes.

Lee Rott 李如風

Age: 36
From: Canada
Lee Rott came to Taiwan in 2001 and worked in the English teaching field. He said it was great to transition to Kainan University after having taught English for a few years.

Among all the classes in the IHP Rott finds the Chinese courses the most enjoyable. Beyond just text-book classes Rott finds professors in the IHP’s Chinese classes sharing stories about culture, history, Buddhism and Taoism in class as well, providing even deeper insight into the culture and the language.

Rott has long been drawn to Chinese culture - while growing up in Canada he read many English translations of such classics as the Outlaws of the Marsh, The Romance of Three Kingdoms, Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu.


Nhesthy Ong 謝興中

Age: 20
From: the Philippines
For Nhesthy Ong the sky was the limit in his own home country of the Philippines. Having excelled in school and coming from a family of professionals - his father an architect and his mother a university professor - Ong had the broadest possible opportunities - and he chose to enroll in Kainan University’s International Honors Program.

Among the MOST attractive features to Ong - Kainan’s broad alliances across the world’s with elite universities. One such university in particular - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - which is where Ong found himself for a semester. Being able to attend one of the West’s foremost technical schools strongly influenced Ong’s enrollment choice. When Ong was at MIT, he gained practical experience working with German Rail - the second largest logistics company in Europe. Ong hopes to work in the logistics after graduation and plans to start his own firm in the future.

The International Honors Program at Kainan University in Taoyuan, Taiwan is offering elite overseas undergraduate students an unparalleled educational opportunity: the chance to earn a degree and get FULL SCHOLARSHIPS - including HOUSING - with classes conducted entirely in English by a faculty of elite world-class scholars.

Additionally, students receive 3 years of Chinese classes specially designed to foster near total fluency.

And, students are able to participate in Kainan University’s exchange student program with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology while their fees are totally deferred as part of their Kainan scholarship. For qualified overseas students it’s very nearly the chance of a lifetime.

As globalization proceeds, more and more investment and commerce is originating in Asia. The International Honors program at Kainan University has been designed specifically to meet the needs of overseas students seeking an advantage in the changing job market.

The program offers two unique degrees: Business Management and Shipping & Logistics and combines Taiwan’s position as the hub of hundreds of Fortune 500 firms with Kainan University’s academic strength and growing relationship with those same companies. In many cases students will have the opportunity to intern with firms that are conducting business in Taiwan and around Asia.

Kainan University 開南大學
Kainan University's Logo

Study in Taiwan AND Around the World

Beyond the opportunities these opportunities, students enrolled in the International Honors Program also get the chance to attend any of the numerous sister schools of KNU, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thus graduates get to not only expand their horizons into the developing markets of Asia and the Indian sub-continent, but also into the established markets of Europe and North America - diversifying their skill set far beyond their high school classmates who may have chosen to stay in-country, and even past those who have gone abroad. KNU’s program offers high-school graduates the chance to build academic and professional ties on as many a 4 different continents!

Program Director Dr. Karl Chang

Business and Management, 30 Core Credits

1. Introduction to Business.
2. Management.
3. Statistics.
4. Marketing Management.
5. Introduction to Computer Science.
6. Information Management.
7. Human Resources Management.
8. Production & Operation Management.

International Logistics, 30 Core Credits

1. Transportation.
2. International Transportation.
3. Air Transport Operations and Management.
4. Production & Operation Management.
5. Logistics Management.
6. Shipping Marketing.
7. Shipping Practice.
8. International Logistical English.
9. International Transportation Practice.

The degrees provide much more than just a dry recitation of accumulated business principles. Each degree has 30 credits of core classes, AND 28 credits of electives. Those electives range the full spectrum of offerings, from Astronomy to Zoology, so that graduates can gain the kind of well-rounded education that is required to succeed both professionally and personally.

Perhaps the program’s most attractive feature is the 3 years of Chinese classes. Kainan university has developed a program specially adapted to non-native speakers of Chinese. And, unlike most programs, it seeks to achieve not just spoken near-fluency, but also the ability to read and write. Kainan’s School for Chinese Mastery has pioneered software to help overseas students quickly master the art of writing and recognizing Chinese characters. A skill which will make graduates - high school students just 3 years earlier - among the most sought after employees in the entire corporate world.

The International Honors Program at Kainan University also provides overseas students with extensive one-on-one support. Each IHP student is paired with a local Taiwanese Kainan University student to providing help in mastering the school campus, help with administrative issues & academic support, and providing a family-away-from-home during Taiwan’s numerous festival days.

These close relationships offer a double benefit to IHP candidates: not only are students getting a support system to rely on, but they also get the chance to learn about Chinese culture from the inside, and invaluable insight for doing business across the Asia-Pacific.

Diversity of Students & Activitis

Kainan’s campus is on acres of lush green land and offers students a complete range of activities and clubs organized by overseas students for overseas students. In 2007 alone, international students at Kainan University established a Badminton Club, an International Culture Organization and an International Student Organization. Activities and outings for are a regular event - leavening the academic with sports, socializing and travel.


1. Duly completed application form with color photo
2. High school diploma/ transcript with TECO authorization (Taipei Economic and Culture Office)
3. Study Plan
4. Two letters of recommendation
5. Biography
6. Certificate of English ability (TOEFL, IELTS,etc.)
7. Financial certificate/ Affidavit of support.

For More Information
International Programs and Services
Kainan University
Tel.:+886-3-341-2500 ext.1022, 1023
[email protected]

開南大學 Kainan University

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International Cooperation
Kainan University has 42 sisters schools over 13 countries.


International Honors Program/IHP
All-English program. The tuition, schooling fee and accommodation charge are all waived. The program is open to international students over the world. It contains two professional sessions: Business and Management and International Logistics. Application

International Summer Program/ISP
Summer program, open to international students over the world. It runs for six weeks, each credit is US$125(around NT$3,800). The classes include Chinese, Japanese, English, Surveys on Eastern Asian Cultures, International Relationship and Social Events & Cultural Tours. Application