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Tucking into another meal of Pringles & Coke. For the first week it was fun. All part of the topsy-turvy & hurly burly of arriving overseas. But, now - you've got your own place, or you are set up with friends and... would just like to get something a little green & a little fresh. Well, hopefully this will help. Below youll find a list of popular vegetables, their names in English & Chinese, when they are in season locally and if they are available organic. You can print the whole thing if you like (including all the spiff photos), or print the All, No Photos part or the Just Names part if you like. There's also a shopping request.

Organic vegetables are in vogue. When you are shopping you can tell which vegetables come from organic local farms by looking for one of 4 types of stickers affixed to the packaging.

Click here to find an island-wide address list of places that sell organic food. The largest dedicated organic foods store in Taiwan is Yogi House, 89 stores island-wide. After that comes Li Ruhn, with 40 stores. Wellcome's 175 grocery stores all sell organic produce, but you'll have to scout around among their predominantly non-organic offerings.

The rest on the list are smaller chains and individual mom & pop stores that sell organic. Though any of the others may not be the biggest, they may have just what you need & be close to you as well.

All, No Photos

Just Names

Shopping Request

Local Favorites

Top 7 Vegetables in Taiwan
And, 2 Fruits That Masqurade as Vegetables

Chinese English Available
甘藍 Cabbage year-round
包心白 Chinese Cabbage year-round
蘿蔔 Radishes year-round
花椰菜 Cauliflower year-round
胡蘿蔔 Carrots year-round
萵苣菜 Chinese Lettuce year-round
胡瓜 Cucumber year-round
A Fruit!
絲瓜 Loofa
Yes THAT Loofa! Before its in your shower, it starts out like this!!
And, a Fruit!
甜玉米 Sweet Corn year-round