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Providence University 靜宜大學, Taichung – Student-Focused Catholic University, Pioneering All-English Degrees: Master’s of Science & MBA & Latest Chinese Classes

Victor C. Lin, Director, Office of International Affairs
Wayne Hsu, Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
Linda Lee, Senior Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
Kelly Chiu, Senior Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
Gladys Leu, Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
Tiffany Chang, Coordinator, Office of International Affairs (from left to right)

Providence University in Taichung - with a warm & inviting campus and an administration that focuses resources on meeting students needs - is widely considered the best teaching university in Taiwan, and offers exciting academic opportunities for overseas students. Providence has an ALL-English MBA program, and an ALL-English MS degree in the Information Sciences. Both programs offer international students FULL Scholarships. Further, Providence provides all overseas students with FREE Chinese classes. And, Providence offers students the opportunity to choose to learn either simplified or traditional Chinese! Providence is leading the way for International students studying in Taiwan.

Providence University’s College of Management All-English MBA

Providence University’s College of Management MBA program focuses on both the theories and the practices that students will need to become professional managers and executives. Additionally, with students getting the opportunity to learn Chinese, Taiwan’s central location at the hub of Greater Asia offers students the chance to gain direct practical insight to all emerging markets.

Furthermore, nearly 80% of the professors in Providence University’s College of Management have earned their degrees in the West’s leading universities. Combine that with their roots and experience in Asia and students are able to directly access the structure of the production and financial centers of the 21st century. As Dr. Lin, the Director, Office of International Affairs and himself a professor in the MBA program, described it:

“I use an English textbook in my Organizational Behavior class.  When I elaborate the concepts of OB, however, I usually apply examples not only from western society, but also from countries all over the world, especially from Taiwan and China.  I always try to integrate all different things and knowledge that I learned from my studying and working experiences in Taiwan, China, and the USA.  In the class, I have lots of discuss with my students about the difference between western and Chinese corporations.”

Victor C. Lin, Director, Office of International Affairs
Kelly Chiu, Senior Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
Gladys Leu, Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
Linda Lee, Senior Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
Tiffany Chang, Coordinator, Office of International Affairs
Wayne Hsu, Coordinator, Office of International Affairs (from left to right)

Providence University’s Taiwan location offers MBA students another key advantage. The concentrated presence of the world’s Fortune 500 companies on the island and the university’s close proximity to the Central Taiwan Science Park. As part of the degree, students complete internships – gaining not just the 1st hand experience needed to put theory into practice, but also allowing students to establish a network of alliances within that environment.

Most significantly, Providence offers international students FULL tuition scholarships. Students in the College of Management’s MBA program will be earning their degrees with their tuition covered. Not just for the MBA courses, but also for Chinese classes.

All-English Master of Science in Information Science

Another of the striking features of Providence University is that the school offers an all-English Master of Science in Information Technology. With the entire world resting on a vast interconnected network ONLY Providence University has moved forward among Taiwan’s universities to offer international students an all-English degree in what has become the technology that powers business, government, consumers and families every day. Additionally, international students in the All-English Master of Science program will receive the SAME outstanding support offered to MBA students– that means FULL tuition Scholarships! You will get your Master’s of Science Degree tuition FREE!!

It is important to note that Providence University's College of Computer Science and Informatics is among Taiwan's best.  Professors seek not only to provide the methodology and understanding of computers, software development and network systems but also focus on management, resource allocation and manufacturing to provide the crucial bridge between the practical and the theoretical that can offer graduates the means to sustained successful careers. And, MS students in Information Science also get the same complement of Chinese classes, again with the same great FULL tuition covered.

Providence University 靜宜大學
Providence University's Logo

Providence University’s approach toward Chinese classes needs to be highlighted, because Providence is unique in offering students learning Chinese the chance to learn EITHER Simplified OR Traditional Chinese! Recognizing a demand for Simplified Providence MET that demand. Another illustration of the way Providence prioritizes students.

In addition to Providence University’s leading MBA program, it’s Master’s of Science in Information Science – Taiwan’s ONLY all English MS program – and its diversified Chinese teaching program, Providence University offers students a warm haven in its setting, a diversified student body, a forward-looking organization and a unique history.

Providence University is in the bucolic setting of Shalu, Taichung County. Students enjoy clean air and expansive green vistas in and around the school. And while a small town atmosphere, Shalu itself offers everything students could possibly need – from department stores to the latest in health and medical services. Plus, Taichung, Taiwan’s 4th largest city, is just 20 minutes from the school, for when you need to go out on the town.

Plus, Providence University students hail from all 4 corners of the globe. That diversity means students can learn not only in class but also from one another and make lasting friendships that will extend across the world.

Further, Providence’s focus on teaching is reflected at almost every level. For international students Providence arranges TWO local students as study partners. Even though the school’s programs for international students are all-English, Providence recognizes that an overseas campus and city can be confusing. Those study partners are there - to help students in daily life, to help navigate the campus and to be language exchange partners. Another way Providence puts students first.

Finally, there is the unique mission and background of Providence University. Similar to such leading American schools as Loyola, DePaul and Notre Dame, Providence is a Catholic university. Founded by an American congregation, the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, the school has a history stretching back some ninety years with the motto Virtus Cum Scientia – Virtue with Knowledge. This background provides a unique and familiar context for international students studying in Asia. And, like leading Catholic universities around the world, Providence is dedicated to respecting and welcoming the diverse backgrounds of every student. Perhaps most significantly, the school’s background strengthens the focus on students and teaching. As Dr. Lin noted: “As a Catholic university it is not the goal of our school to make a profit from the tuition. Every penny of tuition fee we receive from our students is invested in our people and facilities to ensure that our students get the best education we can offer.”

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