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Sein Htaik ( Lawrence ), 林亞齊
Sein Htaik ( Lawrence ), 林亞齊

Sein Htaik ( Lawrence ), 林亞齊

Lawrence hails from Myanmar. Having already received his IMBA from NCKU and currently in the 2nd year of his Ph.D. Lawrence took some time to discuss his impressions of the school and studying in Taiwan.


Sein Htaik ( Lawrence ), 林亞齊
Sein Htaik ( Lawrence ), 林亞齊


Lawrence described that it was a person from Myanmar he met who 1st introduced him to the NCKU. She extolled the IMBA’s virtues, and Lawrence was interested. His grandfather came from Guan Dong Province, China to settle in Myanmar. This gave Lawrence a special entrée into the program and to Taiwan – as Lawrence’s Chinese skill was already very strong.

Of particular interest to Lawrence was NCKU’s strong support of international students – with grants and scholarships fully covering fees for his IMBA degree. NCKU continues to offer generous scholarship programs and assistantships to help offset fees in his Ph.D. program. He noted that while many of his compatriots who wish to study overseas choose Singapore or other Taiwan universities few receive the level of financial support he has enjoyed at NCKU.

In addition to NCKU’s strong support for overseas students Lawrence pointed out that the program is highly “diversified”. Students will make “a lot of friends if you come to study here.” Lawrence described this international networking base as a key advantage of studying at NCKU. “Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia – [in] every country we have friends now.”


Lawrence’s employment history is strongly rooted in the hotel his family has run for the last 13 years, the May Shan Guest House in Yangong. This real-world experience provides Lawrence with an invaluable asset of insight in approaching his IMBA and doctoral studies.



Lawrence noted that the transition for someone from Myanmar to Taiwan was a fairly easy one due to many similarities in culture.

Sein Htaik ( Lawrence ), 林亞齊
Sein Htaik ( Lawrence ), 林亞齊


In addition to his doctoral studies Lawrence works part-time in the IMBA office. This assistantship provided to allow him to earn while he learns. In addition, his work at the IMBA office provides him with an opportunity to see the latest media created within the program. Take a look at the many video links he shared as a result of our interview.



Lawrence is bullish on NCKU, and has tangible reasons for being so. The friend of his – the person who 1st introduced him to the program – returned to Myanmar and, with her Chinese ability and overseas Master’s degree – was able to secure a position working for China’s national oil company, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Myanmar (CNOOC Myanmar Limited) 中國海洋石油(緬甸)有限公司. With his IMBA already completed and his Ph.D. just 1 year away, added to language skills – English, Chinese and Burmese – and an expanding network of overseas contacts, Lawrence is enabling the same kind of unlimited horizons for himself.


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