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1. 1/26/2024

👋☺ I Need Friendly language exchange partner

Category: Language Exchange 語言交換

Age: 32

Location: Iran

Teaching English and Living in Taiwan, 👋☺ I Need Friendly language exchange partner  image 👋☺ This is Pouya 32 years old from Iran and looking for Chinese language exchange partner. Unfortunately im not in Taiwan but i really interested in it , its culture, people,... hope to immigration there one day 😊. I can teach Persian language instead of Chinese Chinese.. Thnks

taiwan teaching english job

taiwan teaching english job Wagor International School - Xitun Campus
2. 1/21/2024

LE Partner

Category: Language Exchange 語言交換



Teaching English and Living in Taiwan, LE Partner  image hi,i’m from Taipei i’m looking for a Native speaker who can helps me oral expression skill and my kids’ phonic and conversation. if you want to learn mandarin, pls contact and mail me

3. 12/4/2023

Chinese language exchange

Category: Language Exchange 語言交換

Age: 35

Location: Taichung City 台中市

Teaching English and Living in Taiwan, Chinese language exchange image Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to connect with language enthusiasts from around the world. My name is Phoebe, and I'm passionate about teaching and learning languages, especially Mandarin Chinese. As a native Chinese speaker, I'm excited to offer my help to those keen on mastering this beautiful language. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your Chinese skills, I'm here for language exchange and mutual growth. I'm currently preparing to become a Mandarin teacher and would love to share my knowledge while gaining valuable teaching experience. Feel free to reach out, and let's embark on this language journey together. All friends interested in learning Chinese are welcome! Whether you want to practice speaking, improve your writing, or explore Chinese culture, I'm here for it. Let's make language learning a fun and rewarding experience. Looking forward to connecting with you!. Phoebe Lin my email:[email protected]

Total number of results found: 3 .