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Full Name Yeh, Hui-mei
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Reading,Writing,Listening,Speaking,Pronunciation,Conversation,Homework Help,Business,Newspapers & Magazine Reading,Email Compose / Reply,Immigration / Emigration Forms,Oral or Written Presentation,Essay Writing,Professionals, lawyer, accountant, doctor, etc.

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IELTS 6.5, in 2004

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Highest Educational Level Achieved Masters Degree
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Highest Educational Level institution Name The University of Melbourne
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Bachelor's Degree Major English
Bachelor's Degree Institution Name National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
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Hi, I am Mei, a professionally trained teacher with more than 15 years of teaching Mandarin Chinese at colleges. With extensive teaching experiences, I have developed the special and effective pedagogy to help students master Chinese tones and easily possess great skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

I started teaching Mandarin in 2002. In 2007-2013, I was a Chinese lecturer in Georgetown University/GU in Washington DC, USA. Teaching Chinese at GU has equipped me with more creative and innovative teaching skills to satisfy learners in different demands of Chinese abilities.

For your reference, following are some feedback from my students who are Mandarin teachers in their home country.

- She makes any of her lessons more exciting and fun in her class.
- Her teaching style is truly innovative and unique.
- She uses a variety of strategies to make her teaching more effective.
- She always encourages each one of us to have participation during class, leaving no student behind.
- I can really say that she always shows evidence of mastery of what she is teaching.
- She really helped us improve our knowledge and language skills in Mandarin.
- Her cheerful attitude and excellent work ethics are truly admirable and encouraging to us.
- With her wit and great personality; she seamlessly integrated herself into all her classes and effortlessly
taught us in ways that her students could understand her perfectly.

I really enjoy teaching Mandarin and know well of how to help students establish solid Chinese abilities step by step. My classes are fun, engaging, stimulating and time forgettable. In a short time, you will find that your Chinese improves so fast but solid. Every penny you spend will be worthwhile. I look forward to the opportunity of helping you acquire strong Mandarin skills in decent ways.

I used to study and work in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and South Korea in the past. Living and working abroad has helped me communicate well and get along with people from different cultures. My students vary from school students, professors, scholars, spouses of diplomats, staff at the White House, a journalist to executives of international corporations.

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Your Age 53
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