AD Number : 367 2012-02-29

Mr Smile

Your Nationality Canada
Gender Male;男
Age 10
Your Mandarin Ability Beginner
Your English Ablility Native Speaker
Height 125-149 cm
Weight 35-39 kg
Current Hair Color Brown
Natural Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Bust - Chest 24 in.
Waist 22 in.
Hips 23 in.
Inseam 15 - 19 in.
Shoe Size US Size 7
Bra Cup
Type of Modeling or Performance Work I Prefer General Model,Catalogs,Magazines,TV Commercials,Recurring Character in TV Show,Recurring Character in Movie
Describe Yourself, Your Modeling & Performance Experience and Approach (300 characters)

Moved to Taiwan with my dad and want to become an actor and model. I love to smile and act out in front of cameras. Chosen for major print ads with HBC in Canada but had to move to Taiwan before shoot was to happen. I take direction well and focus 100% on what the director or photographer needs.

Years of Modeling or Performance Experience 3
Highest Educational Level Achieved Lower than Junior High School
Highest Educational Level Achieved in Canada
Highest Educational Level Major Other
Highest Educational Level institution Name
Bachelor's Degree Achieved in
Bachelor's Degree Major
Bachelor's Degree Institution Name
Currently I am a(an) Other
Type of Work Sought Full-Time,Hourly
Accept Emergency Cases Yes
Are you in Taiwan Yes
If you're Not in Taiwan, Month You will Arrive
Your Location Changhua County 彰化縣
Postal Zone 508