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Aletheia University Chinese Language Program

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Name of Institue or School Aletheia University Chinese Learning Center 真理大學華語中心
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The Language Programs and the Credit Program

1.Language Programs:
The language programs offer Chinese language learning courses in three levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Students are placed into different level according to their language commands. Each class has 7 to 10 students. Students attend classes 10 hours per week; each term has 12 weeks.

**Beginners—The course is designed for those who have never learned Chinese. It contains: alphabetical pronunciation, intonations, basic communication skills, basic Chinese characters, etc. Students are expected to communicate with local people with simple conversation and to read simple articles upon the completion of this course.

Tuition Fee NT$18,000

**Intermediate—Students at this level are given a wider exposures to their listening, speaking, reading and writing, and more emphases are given on expressions, terminological use, and more complicate conversation. Students are expected to be equipped with a more profound communication skills, able to read newspaper articles, magazines, understand TV and radio programs, as well as to write short essays and reports.

Tuition Fee NT$18,000

**Advanced—Regular reading, including ancient Chinese philosophical books and literature are introduced at this level. Students are trained in a more sophisticated approach in oral expressions and writings and eventually become a fluent language user.

Tuition Fee NT$18,000

2.Credit program:
Individual students and exchange students coming from our partner universities may take this program, which contains credit-awarding courses in Chinese language learning and Taiwanese cultural, social, and business-related courses. Apart from the language courses, all other courses are lectured in English or Japanese. Each semester lasts for 18 weeks. Each weeks has 15 class hours.

Tuition Fee NT$24,000

Note: All listed tuitions have included registration fee, general fees, and language textbook fees

Type of Classes Offered Customized to Your Schedule
Part-time Schedules

FULL-Time Schedules

Classes Begin

1.Language Programs:
Fall term: Sept 1
Spring term: March 1
Summer term:July 1
Deadline-- Two months prior to the entry date

2.Credit program:
1st semester:Sept 15
2nd semester:Feb 15
Deadline--Two months prior to the entry date

Age Level of Class Adult
Street Address 32 Chen-Li Street, Tamsui, Taipei, 25103 Taiwan. R.O.C.
District New Taipei City 新北市
Location Taipei County 臺北縣
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