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National Central University Language Center Chinese Program

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Name of Institue or School National Central University Language Center Chinese Program 國立中央大學 語言中心 華語組
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Ⅰ. Origin

In order to accommodate foreigners’ needs for learning the Chinese language, the Language Center of NCU started the operation of Chinese Language Program in 2001 and has already achieved success in the relevant filed. The duty of the Chinese Language Program is to teach foreigners Chinese language and to help them get acquainted with the essence of the Chinese language and culture.

Ⅱ. Features

In addition to the training of basic language skills, the Chinese language courses offered in our center also contain the instruction of Chinese culture as well as practical lessons such as business Chinese and journalistic Chinese. All the courses could be classified into four categories i.e. basic Chinese courses, practical Chinese courses, cultural Chinese courses, and other Chinese-related-language courses, and all of which are set primarily to help students develop the ability to converse fluently in Chinese and further to help them get acquaint with Chinese culture and society. Even thought all the courses have shared features, the framework of each course will vary in accordance with the objective of the course, and it is believed that with the course carried out in small classes, the interaction between teachers and students will thus be enhanced. Except for the classroom-based courses, regular accomplishment performances and outside activities will be held as well to help students to integrate what they have learned from the class into authentic situations.

Ⅲ. Faculty & Resources

In order to provide high quality teaching, all the Chinese language teachers in our center have MA degrees (or above) in the relevant academic fields. Except for being professional at " Teaching Chinese as a Second Language", most of the teachers have overseas teaching experience. In addition to the advantages in faculty, our center also provides comprehensive audio-video equipments accessible for teachers to prepare for the class as well as for students to review their study after the class. Currently, the Language Center is working on the construction of more multimedia classrooms and has aimed to make the collection of the Chinese language books more abundant to fulfill the ideal of 'Autonomy Learning'.

Ⅳ.Long-term Objectives

One of the most important objectives that the Chinese Language Program aims to achieve is to become an authority for the Chinese language education. With the population of foreigners in Taiwan increasing more and more rapidly, we hope to offer foreigners an ideal environment for learning the Chinese language. The Chinese Language Program will also devote to the research in the fields of Chinese language teaching and learning, based on which we hope to keep upgrading our academic recourses while heading toward the trend of internalization.

Type of Classes Offered Part-time
Part-time Schedules

Part-time schedule is 15 hours per week, around 12 weeks in total.

FULL-Time Schedules

Classes Begin

1. Summer: June 5, 2006 — Aug. 28, 2006
2. Autumn: Sept. 4, 2006 — Nov. 27, 2006
3. Winter: Dec. 4, 2006 — March 2, 2007
4. Spring 2: Feb.27, 2006 — May 29, 2006
5. Summer- intensive: Jul. 3, 2006 — Aug. 25, 2006

Age Level of Class Adult and School-aged
Street Address General Education Building119-3
District Zhongli City 中壢市
Location Taoyuan County 桃園縣
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