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Chinese Mandarin Class

Name of Institue or School Technology & Science Institution of Northern Taiwan Mandarin Center
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TSINT Chinese Language Center is a specialized department of providing a platform for foreign students to learn Mandarin.Other than complete hardware equipment, we are equipped with strictlyscreebed, purpose trained and qualified faculty.The center provides adequate learning environment and appropriate program for foreign students of different qualification to learn Mandarin.It is expected that foreign students learning in this center will have the access to the Chinese Culture pleasantly at minimum cost.
The programs of this center begins from basic, middle, high and advance classes.The basic class starts from reinforcing of standart pronounciation to paper and magazine reading .The high class starts from discussin and questioning drills to high-end conversation for further student's ability in communication in various occasions.In the skillful instruction, the instructors also pass the philosophy in Chinese culture to inspire students to know more about the folks and culture of Chinese.Student interested and in need may request one to one instruction to have direct dialogue by initiative of student in asking questions and instructor join the discussion to rapidly increase and accumulate the learning results.Students may also utilize audio and video equipment of the school to make film replay and other after-calss practices. Tuition fee is NT$13,500 for 3months with NT$300 Registration Fee .Also can help to facilitate student visa extension.

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classes always begin on monday for different levels.

Age Level of Class Adult
Street Address Dao St.,
District Philippines
Location Taipei City 臺北市
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