AD Number : 3888 2019-09-19

Must Learn Chinese!

Mandarin Ability Beginner

Preferred Class Times

Monday Morning Afternoon Evening

Tuesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Wednesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Thursday Morning Afternoon Evening

Friday Morning Afternoon Evening

Saturday Morning Afternoon Evening

Sunday Morning Afternoon Evening

Skills to Cover Reading,Writing,Listening,Speaking
I am a Native Speaker of English
Nationality USA
Degree Required Masters
Text of Ad

I've been in Taiwan for seven years and up until recently had little reason to speak the language. I was married to a Taiwanese who spoke fluent English and did not get out of the house much. After my marriage, I had to learn as much as I could as it made getting around Taipei far simpler. Since then, I have learned some very basic phrases...but I need to extend my capabilities as quickly and as naturally as possible. I've started a business and it is absolutely imperative that I learn how to communicate with my customers. I am looking for someone who is experienced in teaching Chinese in Taichung, Taiwan.

Age Level of Student Adult
Number of Students 1
Name Joshua Thompson
Location Taichung City 台中市
District Xitun