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chinese tutor and speaking partner

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Full Name Gina Huang
Your Location Taichung City 台中市
Languages You Can Tutor Taiwanese
Language Skills You Can Teach


Your Mandarin Ability Good
Your English Ablility Intermediate
Languages You are a Native Speaker of Taiwanese
Years of Tutoring Experience Less than One
Certificates I hold or Tests I have passed TOEIC
Describe your Certificates or Tests Scores


If Other Certificate Please Write English & Chinese Name
Type of Classes You Prefer Telephone Tutoring,Chatroom Tutoring,Webcam Tutoring
Location You Prefer to Tutor Telephone Teaching,Chatroom Tutoring
Offer One-hour Introductory Class Free Yes
Highest Hourly Pay NT$ 300
Lowest Hourly Pay Free / Trade


Monday Morning Afternoon Evening

Tuesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Wednesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Thursday Morning Afternoon Evening

Friday Morning Afternoon Evening

Saturday Morning Afternoon Evening

Sunday Morning Afternoon Evening

Other Schedule you prefer
Your Nationality Taiwan
Highest Educational Level Achieved Bachelors Degree
Highest Educational Level Achieved in Taiwan
Highest Educational Level Major Business
Highest Educational Level institution Name National Taichung University of Science and Technology
I Received my Bachelor's Degree in Taiwan
Bachelor's Degree Major Business
Bachelor's Degree Institution Name National Taichung University of Science and Technology
Describe Yourself, Your Tutoring Experience & Approach (300 characters)

*Succeeded in helping students raise their grades
*Adept at an interenting brief article or news to lead students to express their thoughts and to learn new words

Currently I am a(an) Accountant
Are you in Taiwan Yes
If you're Not in Taiwan, Month You will Arrive
Discount for Additional Students No
Your Gender Female;女
Your Age 39
Postal Zone 414