AD Number : 558 2015-11-13

Model with looks of a professor and heart of a clown

Teaching English and Living in Taiwan Models & Performers, Model with looks of a professor and heart of a clown image
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Your Nationality Czech Republic
Gender Male;男
Age 31
Your Mandarin Ability None
Your English Ablility Fluent
Height 180-184 cm
Weight 60-64 kg
Current Hair Color Blond
Natural Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Bust - Chest 39 in.
Waist 30 in.
Hips 36 in.
Inseam 28 in.
Shoe Size US Size 12
Bra Cup
Type of Modeling or Performance Work I Prefer General Model,Fashion Shows,Runway,Catalogs,Magazines,Corporate RP Video,Spokes Model,Trade Show Presenter,TV Commercials,Music Video,Recurring Character in Movie,Stage and Theater
Describe Yourself, Your Modeling & Performance Experience and Approach (300 characters)

Hello, I’m Martin and my past modeling experience is mostly with a costume and heavy makeup posing for promotional pictures for my own story books, also I acted in 2 theater plays, so I’m used to be in front of a camera or live audience, let me know which one will it be, I can swing both ways. People tell me I look like a profesor or hipster, but I can be pretty fun clown too.

Years of Modeling or Performance Experience Less than One
Highest Educational Level Achieved Masters Degree
Highest Educational Level Achieved in Czech Republic
Highest Educational Level Major Other
Highest Educational Level institution Name Literary Academy of Josef Skvorecky in Prague
Bachelor's Degree Achieved in
Bachelor's Degree Major
Bachelor's Degree Institution Name
Currently I am a(an) Other
Type of Work Sought Full-Time,Part-Time,Big Cases,Small Cases,Hourly
Accept Emergency Cases Yes
Are you in Taiwan Yes
If you're Not in Taiwan, Month You will Arrive
Your Location Taoyuan County 桃園縣
Postal Zone