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Taiwan/Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

To encourage international students and individuals to undertake Mandarin study in Taiwan and to promote cultural exchange, the Ministry of Education Taiwan, R.O.C. has established several scholarship programs to accomplish these goals.

For more information, please log onto the Ministry of Education Taiwan website: Ministry of Education Taiwan website, consult with your local Taipei Representative Office or Study in Taiwan.

Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Regulation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan Scholarship Regulation

CLC Scholarship

To acknowledge students with positive learning attitude and excellent performance, CLC gives out scholarship to qualified students each term. Candidates must have studied at least one term at the CLC, NCCU before applying for the scholarship.

Application Qualification:

Applicant must be a student who has been enrolled at the CLC Regular Program(full-time) and will continue to study for a consecutive term.
Applicant shall not receive scholarship stipend from any of the governmental organizations or universities in Taiwan.
Applicant must achieve an average score of 80 or above each term. (Average of two-term scores for old students; one for new students)
Applicant shall not miss more than 15 hours of class in total each term. (Both attendance records of the previous term and the current term will be reviewed for old students; current term for new student)
CLC Scholarship Application Timetable

National Chengchi University Regulations for Exchange Student Mandarin Class Tuition Waiver

To promote substantial exchange relationship with partner universities of National Chengchi University so as to encourage exchange students of partner universities to study Mandarin at NCCU, Office of International Cooperation, NCCU has established OIC Mandarin Studies Scholarship. Applicants must be an exchange student from the university that has an exchange agreement with NCCU at university level or college level.

For more information, please visit OIC website.

Type of Classes Offered Both Offered
Part-time Schedules

FULL-Time Schedules

Term: Spring 2017
Period: 2017/03/06~2017/05/26
Placement Test: 2017/02/27
Class Hours: 180
Registration Fee: 500
Tuition: 30,000
Application Deadline: 2016/12/31

Term: Summer 2017
Period: 2017/06/05~2017/08/25
Placement Test: 2017/05/29
Class Hours: 180
Registration Fee: 500
Tuition: 30,000
Application Deadline: 2017/03/31

Term: Fall 2017
Period: 2017/09/04~2017/11/24
Placement Test: 2017/08/28
Class Hours: 180
Registration Fee: 500
Tuition: 30,000
Application Deadline: 2017/06/30

Term: Winter 2017
Period: 2017/12/04~2018/02/09
(02/12-02/23Chinese New Year Break)
Placement Test: 2017/11/27
Class Hours: 150
Registration Fee: 500
Tuition: 25,200
Application Deadline: 2017/09/30

Term: Spring 2018
Period: 2018/03/05~2018/05/25
Placement Test: 2018/02/26
Class Hours: 180
Registration Fee: 500
Tuition: 30,000
Application Deadline: 2017/12/31

Term: Summer 2018
Period: 2018/06/04~2018/08/24
Placement Test: 2018/05/28
Class Hours: 180
Registration Fee: 500
Tuition: 30,000
Application Deadline: 2018/03/31

All CLC classes are divided into beginning, low-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students in each level are further grouped into low, medium and high classes according to their individual Chinese language proficiency. Students are assigned to different class times according to the result of the placement test and/or the student's language proficiency. Class times range from 08:10-11:00, 12:10-15:00 or 15:10-18:00 depending on the level make-up and availability of the teaching staff.

In addition to regular Mandarin Chinese courses, the CLC also offers Free Courses and Individual Courses.

Classes Begin

Chinese Language Center at National Chengchi University welcomes international students who are interested in Chinese language and culture to come and study Mandarin with us. Please confirm the course you wish to attend and your program s

Age Level of Class Adult
Street Address 64, ZhiNan Road, Sec. 2 Wenshan District, 11605 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
District Wenshan District.
Location Taipei City 台北市