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Providence University Chinese Language Program

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Name of Institue or School Providence University Chinese Language Education Center 靜宜大學華語文教學中心
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Teaching Materials


Speak Chinese (1)
Practical Chinese Dialogues (2)
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.1
New Read Chinese
Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.1


Chinese Folk Tales, Vol.1
Chinese Folk Tales, Vol.2
Taiwan Today
Picture Story
Chinese Moral Tales
Speaking With Chinese In Taipei
Chatting in Chinese
Chinese Customs and Traditions
Twenty Lectures on Chinese Culture
Stories from Chinese History, Vol.1
Stories from Chinese History, Vol.2
Radio Plays
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.2
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.3
Travel Across The Strait
Practical Newspaper Readings Vol.1
Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.A
Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.2B


Reading Chinese Newspapers
Practical Business Conversation
Business Chinese 500
Catholic Catechism
Thought and Society
Business Readings
Practical Newspaper Readings Vol.2

The Chinese Writeing and Reading Handbook for Foreign Student
Grammar Mistakes often Made by Foreign Students of Mandarin


In order to be considered full-time, a student must register for at least 10 hours of class per week. Student who gets the scholarship must register for at least 20 hours per week.

The fee for one quarter (10 hours per week, 3 months):
1 quarter: NTD 17,100
2 quarters: NTD 31,000
NTD 600 for student who first application.

The fee that calculated according to class hours:
Class Size and Cost Per Hour (NTD)
1.Individual Class, 400
2.Two Students, 190
3.Three Students, 170
4.Four or more Students, 150

Type of Classes Offered Both Offered
Part-time Schedules

FULL-Time Schedules

Classes Begin

1st quarter, Sept 1, Deadlines --July 15
2nd quarter, Dec 1, Deadlines--October 15
3rd quarter March 1, Deadlines--Jan 15
4th quarter June 1, Deadlines--April 15
Summer July 1 ~ Aug 23, Deadlines--May 15

Age Level of Class Adult
Street Address No. 200, Chungchi Rd., Shalu, Taichung County, Taiwan 433, R.O.C
District Taichung City 台中市
Location Taichung City 台中市
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