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To Improve Your Chinese Language Fluency--choose National Chiao Tung University

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Name of Institue or School National Chiao Tung University Chinese Language Center 國立交通大學華語中心
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Hsinchu City, close to the center of global high technology industry –the Hsinchu Science Park.

In addition to providing substantial professional courses, we have also established the Chinese Language Center to help you break the language barrier and succeed in the Greater China Economic Area.

1. Our program Emphasizes oral communication ability and simulates real-life situations through audio-visual aids.
2. Uses computer-aided tools to teach Chinese input method and Chinese character handwriting skills.
3. Establishes on-line forum and interactive learning web and thus extends classes to outside classrooms as well as beyond class hours.
4. Provides an audio-visual self-learning classroom and a library with a large collection of books.
5. Assesses learning achievement through simulation games and interchange activities, all of which local students will participate in.
6. Recruits supportive and experienced teachers with academic qualifications for teaching Chinese language.
7. Invites volunteer teachers with abundant experiences to provide extra tutorials to enhance pronunciation training in particular.
8. Awards credits in accordance with the number of credit hours.
9. Uses Pinyin system and traditional Chinese characters.

Type of Classes Offered Both Offered
Part-time Schedules

* Summer Vacation Session: July ~ August, 2006

* Course objective
The aim of this course is to develop accurate pronunciation and communication skills in Mandarin Chinese in order to cope with daily life situations. This course is primarily designed for international students attending National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). Foreigners who are not students of NCTU are also welcome to attend.

In addition to language instruction, this course also offers an in-depth perspective on Chinese culture.

* Course description
The four-credit course is split into two components as follows:
A. Language Component (72 hours in total):
Suitable for beginners, this intensive course provides instruction in Chinese pronunciation, Chinese characters, speech and communication skills.
B.Culture Component (12 hours in total):
This course is scheduled for two hours each week, allowing students to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and reinforce what they have learned in the Language Component.

FULL-Time Schedules

* Autumn Session: September, 2006 ~ January, 2007

* Course objective
Enrolling in this program, you will study Mandarin Chinese at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), a stimulating academic environment of one of the leading universities in Taiwan . The carefully designed classes aim to develop your accurate pronunciation and communication skills to cope with daily situations. What's more, the beautiful and vibrant campus will provide you with an excellent setting for acquiring Chinese language and culture. Detailed information is offered as follows :

* Course description
• Course level : divided into levels, suitable for beginners to upper-level students
• Credit : three credits conferred to the students who successfully complete their courses
• Class size : a minimum of 10 students or an average of 15-20 students in a class

Classes Begin

* Autumn Session: September, 2006 ~ January, 2007
* Summer Vacation Session: July ~ August, 2006

Age Level of Class Adult and School-aged
Street Address 1001 Ta Hsueh Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30010
District 1001 Ta Hsueh Road
Location Hsinchu City 新竹市
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