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National Cheng Kung University--Chinese Language Center

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Name of Institue or School National Cheng Kung University College of Liberal Arts Chinese Language Center 國立成功大學 文學院語言中心
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In response to increasing interest in Chinese language and culture throughout the world, National Cheng Kung University established the Chinese Language Center (CLC) in the fall of 1982 to provide the best possible opportunity for those interested in learning Mandarin Chinese and studying various aspects of Chinese culture.

The Chinese Language Center is equipped with the most up to date facilities, including language laboratories, computers and internet access, in order to ensure learning is rapid and enjoyable. Since the completion of the new Xiu Qi Building in June 2000, the Language Center has been able to offer an environment which is clearly the best in Taiwan for Chinese language learning.

The Chinese Language Center offers courses for students at beginner, basic, intermediate and advanced levels of proficiency. The center's teachers are highly experienced, conscientious and responsible. Most have been chosen from the ranks of the most outstanding students of the NCKU College of Liberal Arts, College of Management and College of Social Sciences after undergoing a rigorous selection and training process. Courses are offered in two categories, the first being Chinese language, and the second being other aspects of Chinese culture.

The Center aims to strengthen international friendship through the promotion of cultural exchange, and to enable overseas students interested in Chinese Studies to use it as a stepping stone toward advanced studies in the departments of the College of Liberal Arts or other colleges.

Educational Style:
Individual classes consist of one Chinese teacher and one student. The student is free at any time to raise questions or issues for discussion. Similarly, the teachers are able to adjust their teaching methods according to the students' needs.

Small group classes, apart from the usual training in speaking, listening, reading and writing, also include theme-based discussions, in which the teacher leads students in expressing their ideas and opinions about various issues. Classes are designed to be lively and interactive.

These two kinds of classes are offered for students to choose from according to their own preferred learning style.

Apart from this, the CLC also offers free optional courses in relevant subjects, from which students may choose to supplement their standard 10 hours of class.

Naturally, language study requires persistence over a sustained period of time in order to make progress. Consequently, apart from the normal winter, spring, summer and fall semesters, the CLC also offers intensive one-month four-hour-per-day courses during the summer and winter vacations. The aim in conducting these courses is to provide overseas students with more choice and flexibility, in order to make best use of their available time.

In order to ensure that students are allocated to a suitable small class, the CLC conducts placement tests when students arrive at the center. Tests are also conducted at the completion of each student's studies, in order to provide an objective record of their achievements over the course of their studies.

For more information and to apply online, please visit our website at:

Type of Classes Offered Both Offered
Part-time Schedules

FULL-Time Schedules

Class Time
At present, students are assigned to one of four, 2-hour classes per day (winter and summer intensive courses are 4 hours per day), for a total of 10 hours per week, Monday through Friday. Classes run from:


Students who wish to enroll in more than 10 hours of class per week can be accommodated. Please contact the Language Center for further details. If students are not able to study during a regular session or wish to enroll in less than 10 hours of class per week, they can also be accommodated. In this case, the student would not be considered a formal student and not be issued any certificate for her/his studying at the Center. However, the student will still be able to study at our Center with our fully qualified teachers.

Classes Begin

* Summer Session: Jul. 3
* Autumn Session: Sep. 18
* Summer Vacation Session: (1)Jul. 4 (2)Jul. 31
* Winter Vacation Session: (1)Jan. 2 (2)Feb.6

Age Level of Class Adult and School-aged
Street Address 1 Ta-Hsue Road, Tainan City
District 1 Ta-Hsue Road
Location Tainan City 臺南市
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