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Where the World Meets Taiwan and Taiwan Joins the World

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Name of Institue or School International Language & Culture Center, Yuan Ze university 元智大學國際語言文化中心
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*We provide beginners, intermediate and advanced evening and daytime courses in modern Chinese.

*The course is an intensive language program designed to provide students with solid practical language skills for living and working in a Chinese-speaking environment.

*Admittance to the course is subject to interview, which includes an assessment of language level in the case of non-beginner.

*We cater for the needs of individuals, commerce, industry, government and public organizations. Languages are taught normally to groups of not more than 12 people. We can arrange individually tailored courses and in-company instruction.

*Students who complete course successfully are awarded the Certificate in Modern Chinese. By ‘successful completion’ it is meant that the student has followed and done the course work satisfactorily, as well as passed the term-end oral and written exams.

Where the World Meets Taiwan and Taiwan Joins the World

Welcome to the International Language and Culture Center of Yuan Ze University where all international students and staff would feel at home.

The Center is structured academically into three divisions: Foreign Languages program, Chinese Language Program, and Culture/International Student Services program. As all students of Yuan Ze University are required to develop and maintain a high standard of English language or other languages, the teaching of English language and other foreign languages occupies a major and important part of our program The center has also developed various courses to suit the needs and interests of international students and staff.

As a cultural center and international office, the center is responsible for organizing a vigorous program of multi-cultural activities and providing related services to International students and staff.

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Age Level of Class Adult and School-aged
Street Address 135, Yuan-tung Rd., Chungli,Taoyuan
District Zhongli City 中壢市
Location Taoyuan County 桃園縣
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