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Name of Institue or School Chinese Learning Center Kainan University 開南大學華語中心
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Kainan Chinese Learning Centers offer separate, flexible programs in Mandarin and Taiwanese that help students achieve their individual language-learning goals. Different teaching techniques and classroom activities are used at each stage of student programs.

Oral drills are emphasized in order to develop speaking and listening skills; special attention is given to the pronunciation of the Chinese tonal system; and students follow a set curriculum using teaching materials designed to build a solid foundation in the language.

Class discussions give students an opportunity to begin using their Chinese in a wider variety of everyday situations. In addition, a greater proportion of class time is devoted to developing reading and writing skills.

Class debates and discussions are used to broaden students’ range of vocabulary. Literature and newspaper reading help students to develop expertise in particular subject matter of their choosing.

Other Languages
Opportunities also exist for students to study Hakka, Japanese, English, French, and depending on teacher availability other European languages such as Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.

Customized Corporate Program
Globalization is making it necessary for companies to have their employees trained in a second language. Kainan Chinese Learning Center’s customized Corporate Program provides international corporations and agencies with the opportunity to do so. The course is designed to meet the language needs and specific interests of each individual company.

Study Tour
Kainan Chinese Learning Centers offer all kinds of study tours for participates of any age. Its mission is to improve the Chinese language skills and cultural awareness by providing an intensive study program in a pleasant atmosphere. The program includes Mandarin classes, Cultural classes, Field Trips, and weekend excursions.

Extracurricular Activities & Cultural Classes
Each of the Kainan Chinese Learning center organizes a variety of social and cultural activities that are designed to suit the interests of the students and to expose them to different aspects of Chinese culture.

Registration Fee US$17
Individual Classes 1-9 hours/week US$13/hour
10 or more hours/week US$12/hour
Group Classes 2-4 students US$8/hour/student
5 or more students (10 hours/week)* S$500/3 months – Taipei Centers

Note: Group classes are available only when there are enough students of the same level wishing to take a group class.

1. Tuition for the entire term must be paid in full before the start of classes. If tuition is not paid by this time, the student will not be permitted to attend classes.

2. Neither refunds, schedule changes or make-ups are possible after the beginning of each term for classes missed due to student absences for any reason or work stoppages declared by the ROC government.

3. Tuition does not include textbooks, workbooks, cassette tapes, or any other study materials.

a. Applicants from abroad must pay a tuition deposit of US$150. Classes cannot be reserved untilthis deposit has been received. The deposit should be paid by bank transfer as follow:
Account Title:
Account Number:

b. Applicants from Taiwan must pay a tuition deposit of NT$6000.

5. The tuition deposit is non-refundable (Except in the case where the applicant cannot obtain a visa). It will be applied towards the student's first term's tuition.

Type of Classes Offered Customized to Your Schedule
Part-time Schedules

FULL-Time Schedules

Classes Begin

Age Level of Class Adult and School-aged
Street Address 1, Kainan Rd., Shinshing,Luchu, Taoyuan
District Luzhu Shiang 蘆竹鄉
Location Taoyuan County 桃園縣
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