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Learn Chinese in the heart of the island

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Name of Institue or School Tunghai University, the Chinese Language Center 東海大學華語中心
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*Course Levels

CLC offers a wide variety of courses at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. There are classes covering the four standard skills of reading and listening comprehension, conversation, and writing, as well as curriculum in newspaper reading, business Chinese, and Classical Chinese literature. Additionally, CLC offers courses on Taiwanese language and culture, which allows students to understand the many rich aspects of native Taiwanese customs, such as martial arts, religions, architecture, and traditional crafts.

At the beginning of each new semester, CLC helps place students to their appropriate level class with a simple oral interview and character recognition drill. In order to create the most effective learning environment possible, CLC further forms classes, within each level, with students of similar ability, which allows them all to learn at the same pace.

*Semester Application Deadline Term Length

Fall July 30th Mid-September to January (16 weeks)
Spring December 30th Mid-February to June (16 weeks)
Summer May 30th Early-July to End of August (8 weeks)

*Tuition Fees

Tuition fees will vary according to class size and number of hours of enrollment. The fees are as follows for the required minimum ten hours of class per week:

Class Size Summer Term Cost(8 weeks) Fall / Spring Term Cost( 16 weeks)
Turtorial NT$27,500 NT$55,000
2 students NT$19,000 NT$38,000
3-5 students NT$14,000 NT$28,000
10 students(only for Indonesian students of intermediate-level Chinese or above) NA NT$16,000


Visas for Taiwan may be obtained from the applicants' nearest Taiwan Embassy or Consulate (a listing of worldwide Consulates may be found here ). Students should apply for a 60-day extendable Visitor Visa. Once they become full-time students at Tunghai, their Visitor Visa can be extended for another two months. After four months of study, students will become eligible for a Resident Visa.

Type of Classes Offered Both Offered
Part-time Schedules

FULL-Time Schedules

Classes Begin

Age Level of Class Adult and School-aged
Street Address 181, Sec. 3, Taichung-kang Rd.,Taichung
District Xitun District 西屯區
Location Taichung City 臺中市
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