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Learn Chinese at Feng Chia Language Center!

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Name of Institue or School Feng Chia University Language Center 逄甲大學語言教學中心 華語組
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Feng Chia Language Center is dedicated to helping students who have an ardent desire to learn Mandarin achieve their goals. Our Chinese Division offers eleven levels of Mandarin, with great emphasis placed on developing all of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. To further cater for individual needs, we offer numerous electives which will enable you to have a total educational experience that is tailor-made for you. Students are encouraged to design an individual study plan to suit their needs and interests as long as the total number of hours doesn't exceed the maximum of 16. Additional hours (over 10) are available to students at no additional cost per course hour. This is a unique feature of the FCU Language Center that makes it by far the cheapest around for those who are serious about studying Chinese language and culture. If you want to learn as much as possible of the four language skills and want to seriously devote your time in Taiwan to Chinese language and culture, you choose the maximum of 16 hours, without any change to the tuition fee you pay. In addition to the regular required and elective courses, the cultural course program is required for all students. Only students who have attended 9 different courses in the current and previous terms, will be exempt of taking the Cultural Courses in the next term. Students who have fulfilled the Cultural Course requirement, but who are interested in taking any extra courses, can do so by registering for the course(s) they want for FREE. For further information, or to apply, please visit our website at

Type of Classes Offered Full-time
Part-time Schedules

FULL-Time Schedules

Levels 0 ~ 4: required classes 8-10am/electives 10-noon; Levels 5-10: required classes 1-3pm/electives 3-5pm

Classes Begin

Semesters begin on the 5th of every March, June, September and December.

Age Level of Class Adult
Street Address 100 Wen-hua Road 文華路100號
District Seatwen 西屯區
Location Taichung City 臺中市
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