AD Number : 3284 2018-06-08

Taipei Tutor/speaking partner wanted

Mandarin Ability Beginner

Preferred Class Times

Monday Morning Afternoon Evening

Tuesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Wednesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Thursday Morning Afternoon Evening

Friday Morning Afternoon Evening

Saturday Morning Afternoon Evening

Sunday Morning Afternoon Evening

Skills to Cover Reading,Listening,Speaking
I am a Native Speaker of English
Nationality Canada
Degree Required Bachelors
Text of Ad


I'm a beginner student who will be in Taipei from June 20 to the end of 2018. I have been studying for 2 months while in Canada, few hours everyday.

I'm not looking for someone to teach me grammar, I can learn that on my own. I'm looking for someone to speak entirely with me in chinese and correct my pronunciation, my sentence structures, and help me listen better. So there would be absolutely no prep work for you. Just show up and have a conversation with me and correct me when I'm wrong! For this reason, I'd expect a cheaper price than your usual rate. I would commit to about 5 hours per week. I'm looking for multiple tutors for this purpose, 5 hours a week with a few different ones.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please email me in Chinese. Thank you.

Age Level of Student Adult
Number of Students 1
Name Kyle Brunskill
Location Taipei City 台北市
District Any