Taiwan Water Restrictions

May 12th, 2015
Water restrictions will remain suspended.  Next announcement will be by June 11th.  Strong rainfall in early May raised resevoir levels 30%.


MAY 8th, 2015
All water restrictions imposed on April 8th have been lifted from May 8th to May 16th.  Water officials will then reassess.  Updates as they become available.


APRIL 8th, 2015
From Wednesday April 8th at 00:00 hours (basically midnight Tuesday night) weekly two-day Water Restrictions will be in effect for a limited number of districts in the cities of New Taipei City, Taoyuan and Hsinchu.

By water restrictions they mean during two-day periods each week there will be no water in specific districts of New Taipei City, Taiyuan City and Hsinchu County.

List of effected locations is below.

No water in your building yields obvious…questions. How can you get a drink of water? How can you flush the toilet? How can you take a shower?

Officials at the Taiwan Water Corporation advise each household to fill a bathtub with water. This will become your household water resevoir for the two days. To get a drink of water, use a plastic dipper to get out a cupfull. To flush the toilet, use a big plastic dipper, pour it into the bowl to flus the water through. To shower, more of the same - dipper, and slow going.

Restriction periods are two days long: Monday & Tuesday; Wednesday & Thursday; Friday & Saturday. No restrictions on Sundays.

Water authorities are unsure how long the restrictions will be in effect.

Last time Water Restrictions of this type were in effect was in May of 2002. They lasted 66 days.

Restrictions apply to businesses and residences in affected areas. Hospitals are excluded, though clinics are not.

Taiwan Water Restrictions