Mandarin Language Center at Chinese Culture University

Chinese Culture University, Mandarin Language Center
Si Wei Qi, France

The Mandarin Learning Center of Chinese Culture University is consistently rated among the top places to learn Chinese in all of Taiwan and worldwide.  Chinese Culture University's Mandarin Learning Center boasts state-of-the-art facilities, small class sizes and a flexible curriculum - from group classes, to one-on-one instruction.


Plus, new semesters start every…month!  Not every three months.  So, you need not wait for another fall or spring to pass - you can get started learning within weeks of making your decision.

G. Hye

Why monthly start dates?  Demand!  Because Mandarin Learning Center is among the leading destinations to study Chinese the world over students constantly enroll.  Among the most compelling reason for that demand is the quality of the instructors, and the commitment they bring to teaching Chinese. 
You can hear the results of that commitment in what the students say.  Click on the links below to hear the experiences of students from around the world studying Chinese at the Mandarin Learning Center.


The demand for classes from the Mandarin Learning Center extends in every direction - from semester-based courses, to business-specific course to even Sumer Camp for children from all around the world to learn Chinese.  And, the Mandarin Learning Center can even help you arrange accommodations if you’re thinking of coming for just a month or two of classes - from home-stay, to hostels and even 4-star hotel accommodations.

Student Interviews
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