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Providence University 靜宜大學 - Graduate International Programs (GIPs) in MBA and Computing and Informatics


Providence University 進德修業 (Jìng Yí Dà Xúe) in Taiwan offers English-taught MS & MBA programs for international students from around the world. Admitted students will be awarded with FULL SCHOLARSHIP for the first year without condition, continuing for consecutive years while they meet academic standards. 

How to apply

Providence University is publicly recognized for outstanding teaching and research resources in Taiwan. Our Graduate International Programs (GIPs) in Business Administration and Computer Science are particularly designed to meet the needs of a diverse student body.


There is no minimum score for the English test (TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC) to be able to apply for the program.


Students enrolled in Providence University’s GIPs, while immersing themselves in cutting-edge academics, also experience a variety of extra-curricular activities and FREE Chinese Language courses.  Due to our rigorous standards Providence University is ranked among Taiwan’s most prestigious schools!


 Graduate International Programs at PU from Professor's Perspective


“Average two years to graduate. Our MS students are from Europe and the United States, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam and other countries. You not only have great opportunities to make long-lasting friendships from across Taiwan and around the world, but you will also enjoy an internationally and culturally diverse learning community.


Tien-Hsiung Weng(翁添雄), Associate Professor,

Chair of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Ph. D. in Computer Science

University of Houston, U.S.A.

Field of research: Optimizing Compiler, Parallel Programming Models, and Computer Architecture.












1. Describe the characteristics of Providence University

Providence University has 165 sister schools all over the world and about 500 international students enrolled. We are one of the most prominent educational institutions in Taiwan, with 22 departments, 21 graduate programs, 2 Ph.D. programs, 5 EMBA programs and our Chinese Language Education Center. Volunteer Service is the core value of our campus through which teachers and students create a focus on teaching, respect for life, attention to moral character, and a willingness to serve. Approximately 12,000 undergraduate students and 1,200 graduate students are enrolled, taught by 400 full-time faculty members.


2. Internationalization is the Focus and the Mission

With globalization becoming an inevitable trend, GIPs is not merely beneficial to the internationalization of PU – the GIPs broadens both home and international students' horizon by experiencing various cultures. Two master’s programs – majoring in business administration (MBA) and information science (MS) – are offered through the College of Management and the College of Computing and Informatics. The primary language of instruction in the Graduate International Programs is English.  



3. Curriculum planning of the MS program

Students have considerable flexibility in curriculum planning. Required courses are reduced to only the most relevant and beneficial while we have a wide array of electives for students to choose base on their own interests. 


4. What are the attractive features of the MS program

The MS curriculum is at the very frontier of the study - the latest in theory and design.  Since the program is taught in English, over 60% of the faculty members can guide students with English papers. At the same time, we encourage students from different countries to work together to learn, share ideas, and to enhance the language proficiency. Our faculty members are very willing to spend time counseling foreign students. We provide MS students with a full amount of scholarship and we continuously provide scholarship if students meet our relevant requirements. Furthermore, our campus facilities and buildings are newly refurbished and remarkably we cooperate with manufacturers such as NVIDIA-Teaching center, NVIDIA-CUDA center, XILLIN providing an excellent learning environment. 



5. Compared to other universities, what are the advantages of Providence University's MS Program?

Besides getting elite-level academics and leading faculty at Providence, our Exchange Students Orientation is a good opportunity to meet students from other Providence University academic partners from around the world and meet your Local Learning Partner. Local Learning Partners are available to help the international students apply for accommodation or alien resident visa; health insurance, bank account, course selection, etc.


6. Please introduce The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering.

The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering stays informed on leading trends in information processing and management so that we can consistently stay ahead of future industry needs and prepare our students to meet them. 



7. What would you say to students considering attending Providence University?

I encourage you to contact the Head of the Department or a teacher in the department you are most interested in. We are always happy to arrange a one-on-one meeting to discuss your field of interest and research. We are happy to arrange the most suitable teacher to guide your research. Providence University always provides a wealth of experience for students from all over the world! People here are so kind and friendly. So, we welcome you!!


Dr. Ramón Santacana, Ph.D.


Associate Professor/Chaplain

Ph. D. in Economics, University of Barcelona, Spain

Field of research: Written and oral translation (Chinese-Spanish), Business ethics and International economics.


“When I came to this magnificent campus, I did not want to leave again! I think the students here are particularly friendly, but also particularly lively”




1. How long have you been in Taichung? Why did you come to Taiwan? 

Because of my love for Chinese culture, 26 years ago I followed the church and came to Asia. The Bishop in Taichung invited me to join the church in Taiwan, so I came to Taichung and Providence University. Here I am a pastor and associate Professor. I am in the Department of Spanish, teaching written and oral translation (Chinese-Spanish), Business ethics and International economics. 


2. There are so many opportunities to teach in Taiwan – why Providence University?

When I came to this magnificent campus, I did not want to leave again! I think the students here are particularly friendly, but also particularly lively. Providence University is a Catholic co-educational institution founded in 1965 by an American congregation: the Sisters of Providence University of Saint Mary-of-the-woods, Indiana, USA. The university’s roots can be traced back to 1920 in Mainland China.  It is now sponsored by Catholic Diocese of Taichung. Because of its Location in Taichung City, students enjoy clean air and expansive green vistas in and around the school. Taichung offers everything students could possibly need-from department stores to the latest in health and medical services.


3. Why is Providence University’s MBA program so popular with students from other countries?

Providence University in Taiwan has as its mission to engage in academic research, and to develop student’s global vision, independent thinking skills, judgment-making capability and enthusiasm in search of the truth. Providence University is publicly recognized for outstanding teaching and research resources in Taiwan.

Our International Graduate Programs (GIPs) in Business Administration are especially designed to meet the needs of a diverse student body. While learning professional academic knowledge, students enrolled in GIPs also experience a variety of extra-curricular activities and FREE Chinese Language courses.  


4. Does Providence University offer Scholarships for International Students?

Of course we do! Full-time international graduate students who have been accepted may also receive a tuition scholarship during their first year and again during their second year, on a semester basis, if they consistently earn an average of 80 or higher.

The maximum years for international graduate students are two. However, there are other fees such as accommodation, insurance, books, food, and others are on your own expenses.   You will be able to find out more information from the application booklet.  

Providence University reserves the right to cancel/withhold a scholarship for reasons of student misconduct and /or if it suspects that a student has not registered for academic reasons. The scholarship plan does not apply to special summer programs. 


5. How long does it take to graduate from the Program?

It takes about two years to graduate. 


6. Are there any other Master’s programs offered at Providence University?

Yes! There are about 21 Master’s programs. However, GIPs (MBA/MS) are the only programs which are taught in English. If you have certain level of Chinese language proficiency, other applications for different majors are encouraged. Most of the master programs are conducted in Mandarin Chinese; however, some of departments are allowed to turn in homework and exams in English.


7. What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen recently at Providence?

The biggest change in recent years at Providence University is certainly the level of internationalization. We now have more than 500 students from overseas. In other words, on average, for every 20 local students there is one from abroad, which is a fairly high proportion. The very concrete benefit is that different cultures can communicate with each other. Providence University is like a bridge: our ability to attract foreign students studying in Taiwan, but also to encourage them to stay to work in Taiwan, allowing Taiwan to become even more cosmopolitan.


8. Words for potential students.

Apart from our strong background in academic research, Providence University also offers experienced lecturers and FREE nine-credit Chinese courses for GIPs students. All international students will be granted a one-year International

Degree-Seeking Students Scholarship.  Let me ask you a question: What if you could… travel to another country; learn a new language; meet new friends from other parts of the world; eat different foods and share your culture with others while you were earning college credit at a leading university? You can accomplish all this, and more, at Providence University. Life is a challenge! Do not be afraid! Be brave to come out!





GIPs at PU from Students' perspective

Sofia Teresa Delgadillo Diaz, Mexico



Student’s Portfolio

My name is Sofia Delgadillo, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Mexico. I recently graduated with a major in International Trade and decided to come to Taiwan and learn Chinese.


1. Why did you choose the MBA program?

I decided to go for an MBA because we all know that, these days, a bachelor’s degree is not enough. My major was focused on Law and Logistics and I wanted an opportunity to learn about some other areas of business and management.   


2. Why did you choose the Graduate International Program? What was your motivation?

I think the strength from the International Program is the fact that it is International.  Of course the teachers, classes, and projects are important but sharing experiences with people from all around the world is from where you learn how things are in the real business world.


I’m trying to enrich my resume and I think that by studying an IMBA and learning Chinese I have more chances to get a better job in any part of the world I want.


3. Why did you choose Providence University?

I decided to apply to Providence University because the whole program is held in English which is convenient for me since I’m not ready yet to take classes all in Chinese. 


Another important reason for choosing Providence was that they have a really good Chinese Language Center and I can continue studying and finally I think the facilities are amazing. 


4. What’s the most important thing you have learned from attending Graduate International Program and studying at Providence University?

I’ve learn so much about different cultures and ways of communicating. This International Program totally prepares you to join a big International company and work in a Multicultural team.  Also really valuable is the experience that the professors have in the business field and how everyone’s experiences enrich the classes and take the theory to the practice.  I’m so glad that I’ve chosen this program for sure!
























Lee-Anne Johannes, South Africa



Student’s portfolio

My name is Lee-Anne Johannes. I am South African. My undergrad degree was a Bachelor of Business. Prior to departing South Africa, I was researching for a Masters in Philosophy Degree, with an emphasis on Organizational Leadership and Systems Thinking.  My business background is in the Stockbroking industry, Strategy Consulting and Executive Coaching.


I have been living in Taiwan for 1 year and plan to live here for the next few years, either pursuing a PhD, or working for a Taiwanese Company or listed multinational organization. I am currently doing the second semester of the MBA program and planning to complete my thesis next semester, to graduate early 2014.  


1. Why did you choose the MBA/MS?

The MBA Program is business related.


2. Why did you choose Graduate International Program? What was your motivation?

The GIPs is English-based and has strong emphasis on Global Business understanding.  The courses integrate the primary and core fundamentals of international Business. 


3. Why did you choose Providence University?

Providence University is well situated in Taichung, a city where the people are so wonderfully welcoming, warm and friendly. The weather is consistent and the city is extremely safe. 

The academic and administrative staffs at the University are incredibly supportive, which I believe is the cornerstone of any learning environment.

The campus has the most amazing library, encompassing literature and research facilities, multimedia center and an environment conducive to many long hours of learning. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus.

The sporting facilities and campus grounds are especially beautiful and vast.


4. What’s the most important thing you have learned from attending Graduate International Program and studying at Providence University?


I have learned to embrace different people, cultures and languages. Most importantly I have friends on the MBA course, who have become my family, and experiencing life here together with them, has opened up many learning opportunities for me.  The GIPs MBA student body is international, creating a platform for lateral thinking and connection across five continents.