License Plate Letters

1. When the new vehicle plates start to implement? The New Vehicle Plates started on 17th December, 2012.
2. What’s the reason for upate the vehicle plates? Is that because of the lack of capacity of old coding rule? 20 years ago, the format of old vehicle plates showed as 2 English letters with 4 numbers. Due to the capacity of coding number is not enough, Directorate General of Highway decided to change the new plate and released on December 17th, 2012.
3. How many new vehicle plates have been released so far? How many new plates are left? When in estimate will hand out the plates over? The new vehicle plates, as sedans, there are about 500 thousand plates will be handed out in a year. Therefore, after 4 years, the amount of releasing plates would be up to around 2 million. The new rule of plates was estimated in the beginning that can be used for about 60 years and will not repeat. However, the combination of letters with numbers which is indecent and obscure needs to get rid of in the procedure, for example, the letter I & O with the number 1 & 0. After excluding the combination, the left amount can be used about 50 years.
4. How many combinations of 3 letters with 3 numbers is prohibited? There are 24 sets that are prohibited from the Directorate General of Highways, MOTC:
1. ANT
2. APE
3. ASS
4. BAD
5. BRA
6. BUM
7. CAT
8. CRY
9. DOG
10. DPP
11. FUC
12. FUG
13. FUQ
14. FUT
15. KGB
16. KKK
17. KMT
18. MAD
19. NUN
20. PUG
21. PUP
22. SEX
23. SLY
The reason for removing the 3 letters combos such as PIG and DOG is not because of indelicate, but there are confused letters I and O. Moreover, the combinations which related with the political party and indecent are not going to be used for certain. If people who concern about whether those prohibited plates will revival or not, it depends on the situation of run out of new plates. Basically, those forbidden plates might probably be used after 50 to 60 years later.
5. Who’s conception for releasing the new vehicle plates? The conception was from the staff of MOTC, instead of a specific designee. Because all motor vehicles offices in each area had announced to MOTC that the situation of the old plates had already run out, after that the staff of MOTC had some brainstorm to think about how to solve that issue, in the end, they finally made a decision for the new format of vehicle plates by spent 2 or 3 years.