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Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for German/French/English/Japanese Language Exchange Partners
36 05/25/17 Details
Hallo et salut à tous! Dwelling in Germany for quite a long time and will return to Taiwan soon. Hopefully get to know some native speakers of German, French, English or Japanese. Those who are interested in exploring more about Taiwan and willing to talk about cultural differences, social issues or daily funny discoveries are most welcome. You can be either male or female, and your nationality hardly matters. Just be polite and friendly. :-3 Language speaking ability: English: B2-C1 German: B2-C1 French: B1-B2 Japanese: None. But am interested in Japanese culture and society. :-P
Language Exchange;語言交換 Long-term Relationship
Native English Speaker Here
31 05/23/17 Details
Hi, my name is Mick, I live at new Taipei city. I'm looking for an English native people. I really wanna improve my English skills and interesting in traveling, if you wanna learn Mandarin please feel free contact me. Email: hica.gan@gmail.com LINE: 𝓂𝓎𝒾1204
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
LE Mandarin for "Dutch/German/Spanish"
05/22/17 Details
Photo Hi I'm Angela from Taipei. I'm interested in doing language exchange with Dutch/German/Spanish speakers as I'm planning to work abroad (hopefully in Netherlands or Belgium). I learnt Spanish for one year at the university so I can speak a little Spanish. As for Dutch and German, only very basic greetings. I'm looking for someone who is fluent in English or knows basic Mandarin that can teach me how to pronounce the words in the target languages correctly. In return, I can teach you Mandarin or English. I have experiences in English teaching and Mandarin teaching(Zhuyin). Feel free to contact me if you're interested. Cheers!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
English for Japanese
05/21/17 Details
こんにちは! I'm a beginner 日本語 student (I have taken 3 months of part-time evening classes). I'd like to find a language exchange in Taipei with a native Japanese speaker. I'm a native English speaker (US), well educated, and a working professional. Thanks for your kind response!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for LE partner
05/20/17 Details
Photo Hello! This is Gia. I'm looking for an English native speaker as a language exchange partner. My major was Chinese and I can explain or answer your questions as to learning Mandarin in English to help you have a better understanding in thus language. We can discuss further details about how to make LE benefit the both of us. If you're up for some serious but interesting LE, feel free to contact me. My LINE account is "sense212." Thanks!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Language exchange /Spanish. Italian or English
36 05/19/17 Details
Photo I stay home mostly so I thought to spend a bit time learning new language.. I can teach you mandrian ..I am available in afternoon.
Language Exchange;語言交換
Pen Pals/New Friends
05/15/17 Details
Just looking for quality people to chat with via email, exchanging opinions on any topic, I just think it would be fun to learn any others’ positive/realistic outlooks on life. If we happen to make each other laugh with silly email, that would be terrific! I love to laugh and make people laugh too. Living in a fast-paced city with a tiring productive life could sometimes make me feel like a character in “The Walking Dead, ” which means “can use some check-yourself-therapy, ” talking it out to someone anonymous from certain corner of this city could be therapeutic. I'm a wicked chill chick with a badass edge, looking for new friends/pen pals here.Girls/Boys are all welcome, please note: Dudes who tend to let the big dog driving the bus, certainly not the group of people I seek for….. Anyway if you're looking for the same, don’t be shy! Ta-ta.
Language Exchange;語言交換
Friends and Language Exchange
05/12/17 Details
Photo Hi, I'm Markus, I'm looking for language exchange here, plus making new frieds. So if you like going to movies, visiting places, good food and having language exchange at the same time, then please contact me! I'm fluent in English and German, so I can teach these two languages. My Chinese level is about intermediate. Please send me an email to kopffisch@yahoo.com, or add me on LINE: mt9898
Language Exchange;語言交換
Looking for LE partner
33 05/09/17 Details
Hello everyone, I just move to Banciao(Banqiao), New Taipei City recently. I'm a native Chinese speaker, and looking for language exchange partners here(Spanish/English/others)! Of course I can help you to improve your Chinese in return. My English level: conversation ok. My Spanish level: beginner. Other languages: from zero. I like traveling, hiking, culture, books and movies, if you're also a couch-surfer, we can also exchange profile links and share these interesting experiences. I was a long-term traveler before. If you are also interested in backpacking, let me know! fb/email: sosovip@gmail.com Thanks for reading!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Long-term Relationship
find friends
32 05/09/17 Details
hi, this is mina in Taoyuan, I would love to meet interesting foreigners for languages exchange, Iam 32, not too bad on the eyes, and am extremely friendly, if possible, I would love to focus on business English, pls add me to your line

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