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Unconventional Mandarin Tutor Needed (Near Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

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Mandarin Ability None

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Skills to Cover Listening,Speaking
I am a Native Speaker of English
Nationality Australia
Degree Required Bachelors
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I have been in Taipei for a few years now and somehow have managed to not learn any Traditional Chinese/Mandarin.

However, I feel it's time to start improving some conversational spoken Chinese and comprehension skills.

I attempted one Chinese lesson in the past, but she taught me words that I don't believe I would ever use in daily life (fox, moon, horse, etc) so needless to say that didn't last too long.

My goal is to create a customized plan with you that will focus on specific words and phrases that are used the most in daily life.

Although this approach doesn't allow me to become an expert, it will allow me to speak very basic conversations if needed and I feel it's my best starting point. Perhaps we can practice an entire conversation and change a few things. I'll leave that up to you to recommend.

If you would like to see a few examples of the kinds of phrases I mean, let me know and I'll send them. I didn't send them already as I am not sure what the word limit is on this first communication with you or if you're even interested yet.

Also please keep in mind that the phrases I can provide in English do not need to be spoken exactly as provided. My main goal is a simple sentence/phrasal structure that can be understood by someone else while also being easy for me to remember.

The reason is that I have trouble remembering long Chinese sentences and I don't mind sounding like a child or caveman (lol) as much as being understood and being able to continue a conversation. And of course, once my confidence and ability grow I can expand and improve to more complex sentences.

It's an unconventional approach probably, but do you feel comfortable teaching in this style?

If so I'd like for us to discuss a session where we get together and make a lesson plan and brainstorm on the right phrases to learn.

Thank you for your time.


Age Level of Student Adult
Number of Students 1
Name Karl Dennis
Location Taipei City 台北市
District Zhongshan District