AD Number : 2428 2015-11-23

Casual, conversational Chinese

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Mandarin Ability None

Preferred Class Times

Monday Morning Afternoon Evening

Tuesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Wednesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Thursday Morning Afternoon Evening

Friday Morning Afternoon Evening

Saturday Morning Afternoon Evening

Sunday Morning Afternoon Evening

Skills to Cover Reading,Listening,Speaking
I am a Native Speaker of English
Nationality USA
Degree Required Bachelors
Text of Ad

Learning goal: being able to hold a casual conversation

Location: Tien Mu or nearby

Time: After 17:00 on week nights

I plan on staying in Taiwan for some time, so I want to learn specific phrases and vocabulary for eating out, talking with my friends, and traveling.

Experience isn't necessary. Personality and availability is more important. Let's start with one lesson a week and go from there.

I learn best in real life situations and through repetition. Destination learning is ideal for me and can be as simple as teaching me a phrase for ordering drinks or food at the cafe we have lessons at.

Please have some text books available for me or be able to recommend some.

I prefer a teacher who can speak Taiwanese as well because ideally, I'd like to speak to my colleagues in Chinese but my friends in Taiwanese.

My background: I am 24 years old and have been traveling and working on and off for the past three years. I enjoy nature, farming, art, and physical activity. In university, I studied literature - I like the Chinese classics, but secretly I prefer wuxia novels.

Age Level of Student Adult
Number of Students 1
Name Victoria Giang
Location Taipei City 台北市
District Tien Mu