AD Number : 201 2016-09-19

Get US Teacher Certification in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Region Northern Taiwan 北台灣
Name of Institue or School The College of New Jersey
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Looking for the most convenient way to get teacher certification while living in Taiwan? The College of New Jersey offers everything you need to kick start your career. Courses are offered at the Pacific American School in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Finish your certification without having to travel back home. Classes run in October, December, January, March and May. Online courses and organized internships are also offered. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and sign-up. For all questions, please contact Stuart at [email protected]

Number of Students Small Class Sizes of 8-10
Type of Classes Offered Both Offered
Part-time Class Schedule
FULL-time Class Schedule Classes ar
Classes Begin

October 22nd

Location Hsinchu City 新竹市