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Molding of Healthy Attitudes, Robust Goodwill

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Region Northern Taiwan 北台灣
Name of Institue or School National Taipei College of Nursing 國立台北護理學院
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*Since the foundation of the National Taipei College of Nursing more than half a century ago, we have educated a number of outstanding nursing professionals to provide health care to the people of Taiwan. From 1954 to 1981 we were known as the Taiwan Provincial Junior College of Nursing. In 1981, we merged with the Provincial Taipei Vocational School of Medicine, (founded in 1947), and became the National Taipei College of Nursing.

Our status was upgraded to full-fledged college status in 1994, and we expanded by opening new departments, such as the Health Care Management Department and the Infant & Child Care Department. In 1999, we established our postgraduate programs with the Nursing Department and the Health Care Management Department. Later postgraduate program expansions resulted in the opening of the following departments: Long-Term Care, Nurse-Midwifery, Health Allied Education and Speech & Hearing Disorders & Sciences.

We pioneered the nursing care technical education system in Taiwan and this achievement became a chapter of Taiwan’s nursing care technical education development history.

*School of Nursing
Department of Nursing
Graduate Institute of Nurse-Midwifery
Graduate Institute of Long-Term Care
Graduate Institute of The Intergration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Nursing
Graduate Institute of Health Allied Education

*International Nursing Master of Science Program
(ICDF Scholarship Program)
This two-year scholarship program designed for international students is funded by the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF).

*International Master Nursing program
( for general International Students)
Application Information
All international applicants for full-time undergraduate degree programs at MCU must apply to university and all applicants’ documents will be reviewed by the International Students Admissions Committee (ISAC).

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Street Address

365, Ming Te Road, Peitou District, Taipei City

District Peitou District
Location Taipei City 台北市
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