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Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival
Tourism Bureau, Rep. of China
Taiwan - Island - Wide ! 全台灣
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  • Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival
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  • Tourism Bureau, Rep. of China
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  • 2016-08-01
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  • 2017-02-28
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  • The gradual arrival of winter formally announces that Taiwan’s peak hot spring season has begun! Taiwan abounds in the gifts of nature—cold springs, hot springs, mud springs, submarine springs—it is a world-famous scenic spot for springs of every variety. Beginning in 2007 the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication combined two touristic resources--the unique healthcare aspects of thermal springs and the demand for a modern, healthy diet--to integrate Taiwan’s “thermal springs” and “gourmet cuisine” for a plan to launch a “Taiwan Hot Spring Fine-Cuisine Carnival.” This event takes center stage throughout Taiwan at the same time each year, with one of Taiwan’s 17 thermal spring areas chosen as the year’s kick-off location. Not only is the Carnival an opportunity for Taiwanese tourists to soak up the pleasures of thermal springs throughout the country and receive merchandise discounts, overseas tourists are also fascinated and attracted, and the Carnival is a driving force behind the annual autumn/winter Taiwan hot spring tourist boom. During this period, hot spring areas throughout the country hold a series of hot spring/fine-cuisine events and pull together hundreds of county and municipal companies, introducing the scenic beauty of the springs, the local cultural landscape, and special products.

    17 Spots:
    1.) Dongpu Hot Springs, Sinyi Township, Nantou County
    2.) Mt. Shamao Hot Spring Area, Taipei City
    3.) Wulai Hot Springs, Wulai Dist., New Taipei City
    4.) Jinshan & Wanli Hot Springs, New Taipei City
    5.) Jiaosi Hot Springs, Yilan County
    6.) Qingquan and Jianshi Hot Springs, Hsinchu County
    7.) Taian Hot Springs, Miaoli County
    8.) Beitou Hot Springs, Beitou Dist., Taipei City
    9.) Beigang River Hot Springs, Guosing Township, Nantou County
    10.) Guguan Hot Spring, Taichung City
    11.) Guanziling Hot Springs, Baihe Dist., Tainan City
    12.) Bolai Hot Springs, Kaohsiung City
    13.) Sihjhongsi Hot Springs, Pingtung County
    14.) Antong Hot Springs, Hualien County
    15.) Ruisui Hot Springs, Hualien County
    16.) Jhihben Hot Springs, Taitung County
    17.) Yangmingshan Hot Spring Area, Taipei City
  • Chinese Description
  • 時序逐漸進入冬天,也正式宣告臺灣已進入溫泉泡湯旺季!臺灣得天獨厚,擁有冷泉、熱泉、濁泉、海底泉等多樣性泉質,是世界知名的溫泉勝地。


    1.) 南投縣 信義鄉 東埔溫泉區
    2.) 臺北市 紗帽山溫泉區
    3.) 新北市 烏來區 烏來溫泉區
    4.) 新北市 金山萬里溫泉區
    5.) 宜蘭縣 礁溪溫泉區
    6.) 新竹縣 清泉尖石溫泉區
    7.) 苗栗縣 泰安溫泉區
    8.) 臺北市 北投區 北投溫泉區
    9.) 南投縣 國姓鄉 北港溪溫泉區
    10.) 臺中市 谷關溫泉區
    11.) 臺南市 白河區 關子嶺溫泉區
    12.) 高雄市 寶來溫泉區
    13.) 屏東縣 四重溪溫泉區
    14.) 花蓮縣 安通溫泉區
    15.) 花蓮縣 瑞穗溫泉區
    16.) 臺東縣 知本溫泉區
    17.) 臺北市 陽明山溫泉區