La La Shan - La La Mountain! 10 Degrees Cooler All Summer Long!

Updated: 2018-Apr-3

Just 2 hours away from you!

La La Shan




Thinking of summer in Taipei? Another 6 months of…well…you know: hot, humid…fairly well unrelenting.

What if I told you that just two hours away there was a cool, lush, green mountain oasis with average daytime temps in July of just 20°C / 68°F! :D And, cool mountain waterfalls you can stand under pouring into pools you could swim in! Well, it’s all true! And that place is called La La Shan, or La La Mountain in the Fuxing District of Taoyuan county. With La La meaning “beautiful” in the language of the indigenous Taiya people who still make La La Mountain their home.

For every 100 meters you rise temperatures fall .6 degrees Celsius and La La Shan is at some 2000 meters above sea level. Average annual temperature of 16°C. It is definitely a cool place to be in the summer. Thanks to the low temperatures, forests blanketing the hillsides differ completely from the lower mountains of Taiwan.

Recognized as the La La Mountain Nature Protection Zone in 1986, you’ll find a boardwalk built through the a stand of some of the world’s oldest trees – upwards of 3,000 years old: the Formosan Cypress. According to Forestry scientists the only other trees older are California’s redwoods!

Sea of Clouds

One of the most amazing things to see in Taiwan: early morning, clouds under you running like the waves, mountains like rocks at the shoreline. You can only experience sea of clouds at 2000 meters above sea level.

Alight With Color

And, it’s not just ancient trees that make up this cool-wood mountain forest: you’ll find Taiwan Cypress, Taiwan Beech, and Maple Trees, too. Winter’s approach, enjoy a crisp chill autumn and treetops alight with the color of changing leaves. In the tropics!

But, let’s get back to summer! In addition to the forests of the La La Mountain Nature Protection Zone there’s more outdoor fun in Fuxing’s cool summer temps: Rainbow Waterfall (video , pictures), the Balin Trail and…peaches!

Peach orchards are a mainstay of the area. You can taste the freshest peahes when you’re here at La La Shan, and even pick some yourself! Eat a peach! And, chill in cool mountain breezes.

Where to Stay

Looking for a place to stay in La La Shan? This is the BEST part of your trip - there’s nearly 100 Bed & Breakfasts in La La Shan to choose from. From cabins in the forest to 5-star accommodations. There’s campgrounds, too – some in peach orchards where, if you help pick peaches, you’ll enjoy homemade meals in return! ENJOY all this cool mountain weather in the most plush spot or…bundled up in a sleeping bag under the stars!

sea of clouds at 2000 meters above sea level.
find a boardwalk built through the a stand of some of the world’s oldest trees
treetops alight with the color of changing leaves.
Rainbow Waterfall
a birds-nest-in-a-peach-tree




1.Da Guan Forest Farm- a room form 2100 to 2600 NT dollars
2.Fuyam Tourist Home- a room form 3000 to 4500 NT dollars
3.Love Story- a room form 2500 to 4000 NT dollars
4. Tsai Feng Hotel- a room form 1600 to 2000 NT dollars
5. Ma Kao Tourist Home- a room form 1620 to 2000 NT dollars
6. Tao Shan Holiday Farm- a room form 2400 to 3000 NT dollars
7. Yuadd B&B - a room form 2500 to 4500 NT dollars
8.Pop Hotel- a room about 1600 NT dollars


Get there! Get Cool!!
Still figuring out where to cool down this summer in Taiwan? La La Shan in Taoyuan’s Fuxing district is surely the place you have to get to. Not once, but several weekends this summer!




  Taipei City Fuxing District, Taoyuan
Population 2,702,315 10,918
Population Density 9,942 / km2 31.1 / km2


Getting There: from Taipei Main Station: 90km / 56 miles


  How much How long will it take
Bus/Train 320NT dollars 5 hours
Taxi 4000NT dollars 2 hours 1 minute
Car 221NT dollars(fuel price)
Car:10 km per liter
2 hours 1 minute


Driving map from Taipei to La La Shan

Here Map: