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Dentists in Taiwan

Always an adventure. Even if you don't get the lion-head ring with the fake ruby eyes for having no cavities, who doesn't love a trip to the dentist?! You'll find that, like most health things in Taiwan, they are quite reasonably priced. And, dentists are spread thick across the land. You're more than likely to find at least two of them in your immediate area. Also, the big public hospitals have dental clinics. For the most part you can just show up. Appointments are possible, but not always necessary.

While all modern dental methods are available here, services considered standard in a visit in the west, x-rays and fluoride treatment, weren't included when the insurance guidelines were written. As such, they aren't requested. And so, a basic visit to the dentist can be shockingly fast, nay - abrupt: consisting of only about 15 minutes. This time is spent with the doctor drawing a wand along your entire gumline, back to front, inside and out. Then, that's it. This nerve wrenching little gizmo is an ultra-sonic cleaner, and, while effective at preventing gum disease, it does little in terms of cavity prevention. Not giving x-rays is probably not the best way to spot cavities, either. It isn't that the doctors don't have fluoride treatment or dental x-rays, it's just that, because they are not covered by insurance, people don't ask for them.

But, they are available, and you can get them. If you go with all the x-rays, it can get pricey - relatively speaking. But, the fluoride treatment is still a good deal if you're going to have to be here a year and just want to keep things all charged up. Below are links to a document you can take to the dentist's office. Just beyond that is a chart for the costs and the Chinese names of common dental services. For fluoride treatment it's better to make an appointment. If you need help making an appointment in your area, you can call tealit.com: 02-2331-1289.

At the office

    Insurance   No Insurance
(the basic service) Ultra-sonic Gumline Cleaning   100-250   800 -2,000
Fluoride Treatment   not covered, so 500-1,000   500-1,000
X-Ray within treatment   120-250   500-1,000
X-Ray *Requested in a check up*   not covered, 500-1,000 and up per   500-1,000 and up per
Silver Filling   100-250   400-500 for one surface, 600 for two, 750 for three
Resin Filling   100-250   450-800 for one surface, 800 for two, 1,000 for three
Crown: silver or gold   14,000-35,000   14,000-35,000
Crown: enamel colored   6,000-45,000   6,000-45,000
(the basic service) Ultra-sonic Gumline Cleaning   100-250   650up
Fluoride Treatment   800-1,000 so 800   800
X-Ray within treatment   100-250   500-1,000
X-Ray *Requested in a check up*   not covered so 500-1,000 and up per   500-1,000 and up per
Silver Filling   100-250   400-500 for one surface, add 1~200 for each additional surface
Resin Filling   100-250   700-800 for one surface, add 200 for each additional surface
Crown: silver or gold   8,000-32,000   8,000-32,000
Crown: enamel colored   4,000-35,000   4,000-35,000
(the basic service) Ultra-sonic Gumline Cleaning   100-250   500-650
Fluoride Treatment   not cover, so 500   500
X-Ray within treatment   120   500-1,000
X-Ray *Requested in a check up*   500-1,000 and up per   500-1,000 and up per
Silver Filling   100-250   800 for one surface, 780 for two, suggested that the tooth was a goner if you needed three
Resin Filling   100-250   1,000 for one surface, 880 for two, hello Dentu-Grip for three
Crown: silver or gold   8,000-30,000   8,000-30,000
Crown: enamel colored   3,500-30,000   3,500-30,000