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Revisions to the Labor Law Regulations

On May 2nd, 2006 the CLA amended the rules for foreign teachers working in bushibans regarding maximum hours of work per week & maximum number of simultaneous employers a teacher can have.

The maximum number of hours a teacher can work every week is now 32. Heretofore there was no stated limit.

The regulations re-iterate that teachers must work at least 14 hours per week for one employer in order to receive an ARC. They introduce a new stipulation: positions taken with other employers cannot be for less than 6 hours per week.

Since your primary employer must provide you with 14 hours in order to apply for an ARC, and since the minimum number of hours per week for every other employer is 6, this 32 hour / week rule has the net effect of meaning you can work for a maximum of 4 employers (14 + 6 + 6 +6).

The new rules state that if you have a single 14 hour employer & 3 other 6 hour employers, leaving the 14 hour job would mean leaving the three 6 hour jobs as well. If, however, you are working for any two employers for 14 hours, either of these jobs can be used to maintain your ARC. Should you leave either position, the other one can still sustain your ARC. Your ARC is not dependent on who gave you the 14 hours first.






Finally, of note is a contemporary mention of the “14 day rule”. Teachers who leave their ARC job have 14 days to secure another employer who can give them an ARC.

The promulgation & a translation of the new regulations follows below.

Latest Revised Regulations and Explanations for Foreigners Working in the Cram/Short-Term Schools




  1. 年滿20歲。
  2. 大專以上學校畢業
  3. 教授的語文課程,必須為護照國籍的官方語言,有些國家則具有一個以上的官方語言,如歐洲國家。


I. Important revised rule of the employment service act: For foreign workers, the added teaching hours are 6 hours per week, but the total hours cannot exceed 32 per week.

Current employment qualifications for foreign teachers:

According to the regulation No.0950501673 revised by the CLA on 5/2/2006, Article 42 of “The Reviewing Standards and Employment Qualifications for Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified in Items 1 to 6, Paragraph 1 to Article 46 of the Employment Service Act”, foreign workers who hired as foreign language teachers based on the “Item 4, Paragraph 1 to Article 46 Employment Service Act” should have the qualifications bellow:

  1. 20 year old and above.
  2. Graduated from college or above.
  3. The language of the course you teach should be the same as the official language on you passport. Some countries have one and above official languages like Europe.

Those without a bachelor’s degree should have certified language teacher training certificates.





The latest added items by the CLA on 5/2/2006:

Paragraph 3 and 4, Article 46 Employment Service Act

Old Rule: Foreign teachers of cram schools should work 14 hours and above every week, but it didn’t limit the total teaching hours a week.

New Rules:
Paragraph 3 “During the valid employment period, foreigners cannot work less than 6 teaching hours for another employer.”
Paragraph 4 “Foreigners should not work exceed 32 hours totally every week.”



  1. 除於原雇主單位(稱「第一家雇主」)從事教學相關工作,必須達到每週14小時以上。
  2. 受聘僱於二以上之雇主時,必須先有「第一家雇主」之聘僱為前提,接著,其餘每一新雇主(依申請時間順序,稱「第二家雇主」、「第三家雇主」、「第四家雇主」),其每一新雇主之每週從事教學相關工作,時數不得少於6小時。
  3. 不論受聘僱於多少家雇主,每位外籍人士每週從事教學相關工作總時數,不得超過32小時。

II. Details of the teaching hours on the revised employment rules

During the valid employment period:

  1. Working/teaching in the original employer (the first employer), the hours should be 14 hours and up.
  2. When hired by two employers, you need to have one employer first, after that, you cannot work less than 6 hours in each new employer such as second, third, and fourth.
  3. Regardless of the amounts of employers, each foreigner cannot work over 32 hours (the total hours) every week.

1. 有「第一家雇主」申請每週14小時後,則後續申請「第二家雇主」、「第三家雇主」以上之雇主者,以每週6小時計算,最多還可以申請三家新雇主:

1. After the first employer applies 14 hours, the second, third and above employers can apply 6 hours a week individually. So, there will be 3 new employers at most:

實例: 外籍人士 G 君申請聘僱許可時:
Example: Mr. G applies work permission

The teaching hours / week
School A (First Employer)
14 hours
School B (Second Employer)
6 hours
School C (Third Employer)
6 hours
School D (Fourth Employer)
6 hours
The total hours above:
32 hours

● 重要提醒:








● Important Notice:

  1. The work permission in the second employer, it’s based on working 14 hours a week in the first employer. Therefore, if the relationship with the first employer ends, the CLA will cancel the permissions of other employers which don’t have 14 hours. Take the example above, if Mr. G’s relationship with School A ends, the permissions of School B, C & D will all be invalid at the same time.
  2. When the above situation happens, Mr. G should have a new employer which can give 14 hours a week, then Mr. G will be able to stay with a teaching job in Taiwan.
  3. Once the CLA cancels the permission of the first employer, it’ll notify National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior and the foreign teacher. The teacher should leave the country of receiving the notice. If the teacher still wants to stay with a working visa, he/she will need to complete the application within 14 days.

2. 每週14小時之兩個「第一家雇主」可共同並立,兩家雇主視為獨立的原雇聘關係,均可視為「第一家雇主」:

2. It’s allowed to have two “first employers” which can offer 14 hours per week. The relationship of these two employers is regarded as individual.


Two jobs with 14 hours/week for each at the same time can be seen as two individual relationships, they are both “first employers’. That is to say, even one of them cancels, another one still exists.

實例: 外籍人士 G 君申請聘僱許可時:
Example: Mr. G applies work permission:

The teaching hours / week
School A1 (First Employer)
14 hours
School A2 (Second Employer)
14 hours
The total hours above:
28 hours
(Since the total hours should be 32, 32 hrs – 28 hrs = 4 hrs, it’s not enough 6 hours, so you can’t apply to work in the third or fourth employer.)

● 重要提醒:






● Important Notice:

  1. Two jobs with 14 hours/week for each at the same time can be seen as two individual relationships, they are both “first employers’. That is to say, even one of them cancels, another one still exists.
  2. In the example, if Mr. G’s relationship with School A1 ends, the relationship with School A2 still exists. So Mr. G can stay with the reason of working in Taiwan.