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Learn Chinese In Taiwan with USC Chinese Language Center

到期日: 2016-12-14

Name of Institue or School : Shih Chien University Chinese Language Center
Text of Ad: The Chinese Language Center (CLC) of Shih Chien University was established in September 2012. CLC offers regular and short-term Chinese programs for students who are interested in learning Chinese language and culture. To facilitate learning, CLC has a self-access room with multi-media equipment, where plenty of books and online materials for Chinese learning are available, creating a cozy, resourceful and adaptive learning environment for students.

Great Location, the heart of Taipei
​USC is located in the beautiful Taipei City Dazhi area, MRT reachable. Dash is located in northern Taipei. During your work period, you might take a walk on the lovely mountain trail, bike or picnic along the beautiful riverside park or visit our amazing National Palace Museum. You definitely will find a different appearance of Taipei in Dazhi.
Type of Classes Offered: 皆可
Part-time Schedules:
FULL-Time Schedules: Regular Program
Monday to Friday , AM 9:00 -PM 12:00, 15 hours per week.
A. People who are 18 years old or above and want to learn Chinese as a second language are welcome to enroll in this program.

B. There are 4 terms per year. Each term lasts 3 months (12 weeks).

C. Classes are offered in various levels: Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

D. Courses are conducted in class size of 5~10 students placed in suited to their levels according to their placement test results.

E. NT$ 28,500 per term.
Classes Begin: 11/28/2016
Age Level of Class: 成人與各年齡層在學生
Street Address: 70 Ta-Chih Street Taipei 104, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Telephone Number:
District: Daizhi
Location: Taipei City 台北市
E-Mail Address: screenEmailBotton
Web Site URL: http://www.chineseusc.com
Ad Number: 836
Ad Section: Chinese Classes

到期日: 2016-12-14

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