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Morning/Evening Chinese Classes

到期日: 2017-07-20

Name of Institue or School : Taiwan Mandarin Institute
Text of Ad: Taiwan Mandarin Institute is the LEADING school in Taiwan for students to learn Chinese. At TMI our class sizes are SMALL so you get more one-on-one attention: maximum class of 9 students! The students of TMI tend to be Working professionals or Full-time University students. Thus, at TMI we provide a tailored curriculum, offering busy people a stress-free course custom-designed for acquisition of the language.

Taiwan Mandarin Institute is located 1 minute walk from Taipower Building MRT Exit 3

The New Term for All Levels from Beginner to Advanced starts on Monday 14th September.

Registration opens from 10th August and Interested students should visit the reception area and place a deposit of 1,000 NTD for the class.

Morning Classes meet at 9am-11am and Evening Classes meet at 7pm-9pm
Type of Classes Offered: 皆可
Part-time Schedules: Mondays-Thursdays 9am-11am (Morning Class).
Mondays-Thursdays 7pm-9pm (Evening Class).
FULL-Time Schedules:
Classes Begin: September 14th 2015 is Next Term, For terms after that date, please email info@tmichinese.com
Age Level of Class: 成人
Street Address: 2F, No.135, Section 3, Roosevelt Road. (Taipower Building MRT Exit 3
Telephone Number: 022365-3859
District: Da'an District
Location: Taipei City 台北市
E-Mail Address: screenEmailBotton
Web Site URL: http://www.tmichinese.com
Ad Number: 775
Ad Section: Chinese Classes

到期日: 2017-07-20

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