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Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Language Excange
32 11/24/17 Details
Photo I am looking for the language exchange with you if you are a native speaker! I am mainly practicing my oral expression. I have some experience of language exchange, too. If you live in Zhongli or any towns near it, I am willing to meet up with you! Please write to: [email protected]
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
finding language exchange partner
25 11/24/17 Details
Hello guys!I am Diane. I just took IELTS test and am preparing for working abroad so I want to improve my English oral ability before leaving Taiwan. I can speak Japanese fluently as well since It was my major at university. If you are interested in Chinese or Japanese and want to improve your language ability for real, please contact me. We can improve our language abilities together.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking For Language Exchange Partner
31 11/24/17 Details
Hey Guys, I just keep try to prove my English ability on my work. So hope can find someone who is want to learn Chinese and we can help each other by Language Exchange. Because my work is busy so hope you have free time do LE on weekend. I also happy show you around in Taiwan. I hope we more like friends. Please reply me if you're interested. Cheers.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Trade English for some help with Mandarin
33 11/23/17 Details
Hello, I'm here in San Chong for a family event until Dec 3rd and I would like to practice my Mandarin because I rarely get to speak it in the states. I would like to practice and make friends, and I can teach English since I'm a ABC. I live in San Diego, California and work as a program manager and own a company there. Also, if you come visit I can show you around San Diego. I don't know people in Taipei and NTC so besides working, there's not much for me to do here -language exchange would be fun. I can speak fluently but I can't read or write Chinese, also my vocabulary is limited. My line ID is valorsoul, feel free to add me or shoot me an email and let's meet up
Language Exchange;語言交換
11/23/17 Details
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for amazing LE
11/23/17 Details
Hi I have a couple of years of Chinese University courses behind me. However as they say "use it or lose it". A lot has been forgotten now -not cool. I have many years experience with teaching adult conversation classes. Looking for some relaxed LE to ease back into some Chinese study ~~ hope to hear from you!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
27 11/21/17 Details
Hello, my name is Yen-Hua, you can call me Keri in English, or Eugénie in French. I live near by Jing Mei MRT station, in Taipei. I majored in Sociology and French department at the university. I’ve graduated for a few years, and now I’m a harmonica teacher. I would like to practice my English speaking and listening, and of course, I also like to make friends. I can teach you Chinese, if you want, I can also share you some harmonica technics in return. Please let me know if you're interested !
Language Exchange;語言交換
Looking for French & Spanish LE
11/21/17 Details
Photo Hello, my name is Lisa, I am just beginner of learning French and I want to learning Spanish too. I can teach you Chinese for return and share culture experience with you. Welcome to contact with me by mail: [email protected] or Line: lisayang696, see you guys soon !
Language Exchange;語言交換 Long-term Relationship
Seeking English Native Partner
11/20/17 Details
Photo My name is Peter. I live in new Taipei city, near kungkaug station. I'm looking for a long term partner. I expect the partner can improve my speaking and listening. I can teach you Chinese and hope the partner has learning goal and plan in Chinese. Of course, I'm also willing to introduce you Taiwan culture, food, and more. If you need, please contact me.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking to learn chinese in exchange for english!!
24 11/19/17 Details
Photo Hey Everyone! My name is Brandon and I just recently moved here from Oregon for the year to teach English. My main reason for coming to Taiwan is to learn Chinese. Of course in exchange I can help those that want to learn English! I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and sports (I played basketball, american football, and track) But I'm always down for a beer or tea at any of the local bars or coffee shops! I do prefer to have a similar age guy LE partner just to avoid the people that come here with a romantic interest in mind, but I am open to anyone as long as they're here for having fun while learning a new language! (I am in a relationship is what I am trying to get at haha) If your'e interested you can contact me through email or line! Oh and I currently live in Shilin so preferably would love to meet up with those around there but if not that's no problem! email:brandonwick9 [email protected] line: bwick93

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