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Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
LE (Taipei)
06/26/17 Details
Photo English /Chinese LE (native English speaker please) By the way, I LOVE Nature so much, like outdoor activity, and swim as long as I have time. So if you also like to work out, that would be fun when we do LE. Thanks!!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
hit me up if you' need help with Mandarin :)
06/25/17 Details
Photo Hi there, I'm looking for someone to practice English speaking with. In return, I can help you with your Mandarin and I hope we can do it regularly, like at least once a week no matter by meeting up or practicing online. And you're also welcome to contact me if you speak German, Spanish or Japanese since I just started to learn them by myself a few months ago. It would be awesome to have someone to help...if you don't mind that I'm a beginner:p Looking forward to hearing from you, just drop me a line if you're interested!
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
looking for friends to talk in english
? 06/22/17 Details
hi, its sabrina. I want to meet foreigners who can speak english fluent and want to learn chinese. Please contact me.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Learn to Speak English!
32 06/20/17 Details
Honestly, textbook learning is pretty awful. Natural language acquisition is a much better way of learning a language. It's not easy, and there's no perfect way to naturally acquire language. The best way is to have a teacher with a lot of experience and flexible curriculum who can help you excel. My full time job doesn't give me much free time, so I'd rather do a language exchange than tutoring. Also, I have a male and female coworker who both are learning from me currently. I thought it'd be fun to have more people to join. Learning one on one can be helpful, but also stressful when you're first starting out. I have 4 years of TOEFL experience, along with curriculum development and college application consulting. I worked with elementary students, middle school students, and high school students. I also have 3 years of Business English tutoring experience. For me, my passion is having a great conversation and helping people to communicate better. If you're interested and you're in the Taoyuan area (By the Taoyuan Arts Center), please contact me.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Kaohsiung language exchange
27 06/19/17 Details
Photo Morning, I'm an Englishman in taiwan Kaohsiung. Looking to improve my Chinese ability. If you're interested don't hesitate to contact me via email barcajoe@hotmail.co.uk or via line ; kingofthemods Thanks for reading.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Yong He Dinner 語言交換
24 06/18/17 Details
I am looking for people to do language exchange/eat dinner with Monday-Thursday. I live in Yong He 永和, so if you are in the area I would love do grab dinner and do language exchange! I am from California, born and raised, love talking about world issues and exploring interesting ideas about life or anything in general. A huge fan of electronic music (not so much EDM but when it is good it is good).
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
English-Chinese language exchange
06/17/17 Details
Hello! My name is Jennifer and I will be studying Mandarin at NTU in August. At the moment my conversational skills and spoken grammar is quite bad, so I am looking for a language partner to practice with. In exchange I can teach you UK English :) I would really appreciate your help so please feel free to message me anytime! Thank you. 你好! 我叫Jennifer,在八月份我將會在國立 臺灣大學讀中國語文, 目前我的對話技巧和語法都需以改善。 希望能够找一位台灣人也 想找英文語言作夥伴去練習, 我們可以互相幫助和加深文化的交流。:) 所以請隨時給我 發信息!謝謝。
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for some french speakers
24 06/17/17 Details
Currently looking for anyone who is able to practice french with me and I can help you with chinese in return. Feel free to talk to me.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Other
Looking for English tutoring
30 06/16/17 Details
我是一個美國人,名字叫傑恪,這是我第一次來到台灣,我對中藥學 和營養學非常有興趣! Hello! I am an American citizen, I arrived in Taipei 1 month ago. I've tutored children in English before. I'm seeking for students and I enjoy teaching English. Write me if you are interested! 0906-620-829
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Japanese language exchange
30 06/16/17 Details
Photo Hello everyone , My name is Mark. I will go to Osaka to learn Japanese at October this year. And I have learned Japanese for 3 month since February. I am looking for somebody can teach me more Japanese. I can show you around Taipei and teach you Chinese. If you want to work out, I can also introduce you places to go. I look forward to hear from you soon.

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