taiwan Teaching Jobs - URGENT!! Experienced Teacher in August!!
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URGENT!! Experienced Teacher in August!!

Expiration: 2017-07-29

Country: Taiwan
Full or Part-Time: Have Both Available
If Part-time, when: Part-time Afternoons and Evenings
If Part Time, what days:
If FULL-Time, when:
When Job is Available: Early August, 2017
Degree Required: Bachelors
Text of Ad: 1. 15.5~17.5 hours/wk.
Mon. to Fri. 2-6pm.
2. 4.5 ~ 7.5 hours/wk
1.5 hrs/day, Mon. to Friday, 4:30-6:00.
JUNG LI, TAOYUAN. At least 1 year teaching experience in Taiwan.
ABCs or all native English-speaking Accents WELCOME!

Located on Heng Yang Street 衡陽街, close to the Jung Li Train Station 中壢火車站 and Chien Hsin University 健行科技大學.

Neighboring areas: TAOYUAN CITY桃園市, PING JEN CITY 平鎮市, BA DE CITY八德市, NEI LI 內壢, LONG TAN Township龍潭鄉, all within a 30 min scooter ride.

We provide COMPLETE materials and a WELL organized curriculum.

Please contact Jennifer as soon as possible! Either by phone 03-428-8325(1-9pm), 0952-418-971 or email.
Age Level of Class: Elementary School & Junior High School
Average Number of Students in Class: 10-15
School Provides Curriculum: Yes
Company: Frontier Language Center
Contact Person: Jennifer
Telephone Number: 03-428-8325(1-9pm), 0952-418-971
Zip/Postal Code: 320
Location: Taoyuan City 桃園市
District: Jhongli 中壢
Street Address: No.28, Heng Yang Street 衡陽街   
Number: 28186
School's Personal E-Mail Address: screenEmailBotton
Web Site URL:

Expiration: 2017-07-29

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