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# Headline Nationality Gender Highest Educational Level Achieved Highest Educational Level Major Language You Can Translate No. Date In Favorites Details
Translator or interpreter
Australia, Taiwan Female Bachelors Degree Japanese English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese 33 04/03/08 Details
My name is Amy. I was born in Taiwan, but grew up in Australia. I am a native speaker in English, Taiwanese and Mandarin, and am also fluent in Japanese, which I studied for 8 years. I currently teach English, but I am also an interpreter at church once a month, where I interpret the service fro ...
right now I'm available working both full-time and part-time.
Taiwan Female Bachelors Degree English English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka 32 03/31/08 Details
English -Chinese translator – Experience: Trade company sales-over 5 years ISO documents translator -Color Mark Teacher’s guide translator –Chuang Zhi Market questionary translator --international service check Services: English -Chinese translation (China/Taiwan versions) M ...
Hindi to English Translation
India Male Bachelors Degree Management English, Other Languages 12 01/03/08 Details
Hi! I am Daniel. I am from India and now living in Taipei. I am out there for you who wants to translate Hindi Movies, Hindi TV Seriels and Hindi Songs to English. I can also help you for voice-over dubbing from Hindi to English. I have done a couple of translations in Taiwan. If you need my hel ...
India Male MBA MBA English, Japanese 27 02/09/08 Details
I'm very outgoing who like to interact with people and enjoy working in a big enviornment. I am a confident person who also like to help people to get through any complications when experiencing an unfamiliar language(s). I have lived in a multicultural country, India, where I had the opportunit ...
chinese -english translator with 4 years experience
Taiwan Female Masters Degree English English, Mandarin, Tagolog 29 02/21/08 Details
experienced translator. four years of experience in chinese to english and english to chinese translation. past translations include taiwan governmental documents and websites (department of health, environmental protection agency, national communications commission, etc.) as well as private ent ...
PhD +專業翻譯師 +英文母語
USA Female Ph.D. Other English, Mandarin, Spanish 19 01/21/08 Details
專業中英翻譯 == 輔仁大學翻譯研究所口譯組碩士 == 土生土長美國人 == 台灣新聞局翻譯師 == 曾任台大/師大/台北醫學大學副教授 (英文/西班牙語/翻譯/口譯) == 曾任台北榮總醫院英文編輯 == 專業可靠, 品質絕佳 20 years full-tim ...
english-dutch and dutch-english
Netherlands Male Bachelors Degree Philosophy 28 02/13/08 Details
My name is daniel. Im a 32 year old man from holland but raised with english and Dutch. I did my CELTA-training in Eng where i lived for 3 years. In taiwan I have done little translationwork and it was restricted to translating manuals for electronic equipment. Because of my fluency in both d ...
教師/翻譯者 Teaching&Translating
Germany Female Masters Degree Marketing English, French, German 23 01/30/08 Details
嗨!我的名字是Kristina,德國華僑,剛完成學業來到台灣 加強中文的讀寫能力,在這裡我已經工作和生活了兩年多。除了中文 及德文之外 my name is Kristina. I'm a Chinese born and raised in Germany. I just finished my studies and came to Taiwan ...
American Translator
USA Male Bachelors Degree Asian Studies Mandarin 26 02/08/08 Details
I have been translating off and on since I arrived in Taiwan. I started mostly with school curriculim and text book materials and then later advanced into more areas such as university applications etc. I also do a great deal of specialization for celebrities from America because many of the bla ...
Love public relations and assit others meeting their needs!
Canada, Taiwan Female Bachelors Degree Social Work English, Mandarin, Cantonese 17 01/12/08 Details
I'm very outgoing who like to interact with people and enjoy working in a big enviornment. I am a confident girl who also like to help people to get through any complications when experiencing an unfamiliar language(s). I have lived in a multicultural country, Canada, where I had the opportunity ...
Do you require an efficient and precise Translator?
India Female Senior High School English English 24 01/30/08 Details
My introduction would begin with my name, Chang Foong Lin Alias Jennifer. My roots lie in India in the cultural city of Kolkata (The erstwhile Calcutta). My date of birth would be the fifteenth of March, 1989. It would also be essential to make it known that I am an overseas chinese and have com ...
Translation Service
Taiwan, USA Male Bachelors Degree Economics English, Mandarin, Taiwanese 14 01/09/08 Details
Hi there, My name is Hank and if you're here in Taiwan on a pleasure or business trip but don't know how to get around due to the language barrier, I can be of service taking you to places you would like to go and see things you want to see with my translation skills. I'm a Chinese-American w ...
British Graduate in Chinese
United Kingdom Male Bachelors Degree Economics Mandarin 9 12/28/07 Details
Thanks for taking the time to read my ad. I am a BA Chinese and Economics Graduate from the University of Leeds in England. I have both academic and professional experience in translating, particularly newspaper articles, legal contracts and university applications. My translation fee is usually ...
中翻英, 經驗豐富
USA Male Ph.D. Philosophy Mandarin 7 12/26/07 Details
我是一位美國人, 定住台灣, 擁有15年翻譯經驗, 專門翻譯學術文章與讀書計畫類的...
Serious and experience translator-interpreter
France Male Masters Degree Management English, French 6 12/25/07 Details
French born, I studied, worked and lived in UK for more than 10 years. I would be interested to cooperate on your project. I have been working as translator independent since 2001 for a Patent Agency, about some new technical inventions, basic medical and legal projects. I also work on a long t ...

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